Custom Workplace Posters

Need a better way to stress core issues and policies to your employees? The Marlin Company creates custom workplace posters as part of our Print Communication Station™, an employee bulletin board program for everything from warehouse and manufacturing safety to quality initiatives and employee recognition programs. Posters can even be customized for your business by adding your company logo, as well as photos and names of your own employees.

Warehouse and Manufacturing Safety Posters

Working around machinery and loading equipment can be dangerous.  Warehouse and Manufacturing safety are top priorities for OSHA, and for you. Marlin can help you stress safety precautions on the warehouse loading dock and the plant floor, preventing accidents and injuries through increased awareness, employee participation, and workplace safety posters specific to the job. Posters can address a range of topics including forklift safety and safe lifting, to employee teamwork and how to minimize freight damage.

Healthcare Safety and Quality Patient Care

Those who care for others sometimes need reminders to take care of themselves. Marlin creates inspirational, uplifting, and often humorous messaging to keep the focus on healthcare employee safety and quality patient care.  Custom workplace posters emphasize safe patient lifting, compassionate care, and the importance of managing stress in a healthy way. Personalize these messages with images of your own employees and brand it with your company logo.

Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI)

Marlin will help you make continuous quality improvement (CQI) in the workplace a point of personal pride for your team. Encourage and change behavior through your Kaizen, Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma or other CQI programs, encouraging open communication and sharing of ideas with all your employees for continuous improvement.  Integrate an employee recognition program and you have a winning combination. We stress the importance of quality assurance using systems like Kaizen, through custom workplace posters made just for your company.

Employee Attitude and Recognition Programs

Improve employee attitude and morale through custom workplace posters that recognize individual employee achievement and make workers feel appreciated. You’ve invested in giving them information, encouragement, and credit. They respond by working harder and smarter, bringing ideas and positive attitudes to the table, helping your company function better overall.

Want to make your workplace a better environment? Contact The Marlin Company for custom workplace and safety posters at 203-294-9800.