Provide service that gets a smile

Marlin hospitality messages remind hotel and restaurant workers that giving good service and exceeding expectations is a personal, professional choice they can take pride in. Engaging graphics and uplifting messages help workers remember that teamwork; communication; courtesy; cleanliness; and a good attitude are what they need to feel good at the end of the day.

Keep kitchen and restaurant safety awareness at the forefront with hand washing posters and digital signage content on slip and fall prevention and proper kitchen equipment handling. 

Smile and relax


<p>Common sense</p>

Common sense





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When you choose The Marlin Company, you get a complete, 24/7 workplace content solution that is tailored to your niche in the hospitality industry. You get coverage on all the key issues – both hard and soft – and you have a choice of delivery systems. You get the option of customizing content. You join a full staff of research, writing, and design experts working with a million dollar budget. You get messages that attract workers’ attention, get your point across, and change behavior..
You get The Marlin Edge™.