Awareness helps reduce injuries in
dangerous environments

Manufacturing plants can be dangerous environments. Keeping industrial safety top of mind can help workers avoid disabling injuries. Marlin addresses a variety of job safety topics like slips, trips, and falls; safe lifting; PPE; hazardous material handling; lock-out/tag-out, and does so in memorable ways that help change risky workplace behavior.

Marlin’s communications support your manufacturing safety program and CQI efforts

Creating manufacturing safety programs that make workers part of the solution reduces industrial injuries and encourages continuous quality improvement.  Our electronic display boards reach workers where they gather, delivering OSHA safety messages, internal quality statistics, and local news.  Ask about Marlin’s Direct Line™ employee suggestion tool.

<p>Quality Control</p>

Quality Control


<p>Thinking like a customer</p>

Thinking like a customer


<p>Quality in motion</p>

Quality in motion


See workplace posters for all industries in our Safety Poster Gallery.

Your silent partner in workplace communication

When you choose The Marlin Company, you get a complete, 24/7 workplace content solution that is tailored to your industrial niche. You get coverage on all the key issues – both hard and soft – and you have a choice of delivery systems. You get the option of customizing content. Marlin systems create manufacturing safety programs that produce tangible results. You join a full staff of research, writing, and design experts working with a million dollar budget. You get workplace messages that attract manufacturing workers’ attention, get your point across, and change behavior.
You get The Marlin Edge™.