Surprise them with service

Satisfied customers are the most important goal for retail businesses. But customer service is only one part of the customer experience. Reminding workers of important tasks that will make them more successful when customers come through is what Marlin does for your team. Clean and orderly displays; accurate pricing; product knowledge; teamwork; security; friendly, courteous and prompt service; and a professional appearance are some of the issues that our retail messaging program covers.

Recognize top employees and keep them up to date on company happenings with our patented digital message board technology.

<p>Prevention at work & home</p>

Prevention at work & home








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Your silent partner in workplace communication

When you choose The Marlin Company, you get a complete, 24/7 workplace content solution that is tailored to your industry. You get coverage on all the key issues – both hard and soft – and you have a choice of delivery systems. You get the option of customizing content. You join a full staff of research, writing, and design experts working with a million dollar budget. You get quality messages that attract retail workers’ attention, get your point across, and change behavior..
You get The Marlin Edge™.