Support your OSHA safety programs with solid communication

Reinforce OSHA compliance and communicate process safety management to your employees with Marlin’s workplace communication programs. Knowing how to avoid accidents and safely operate machinery are the best ways to keep your employees safe on the job. Communicate OSHA safety program goals and statistics that encourage continuous improvement.

Build a Culture of Safety

Marlin’s digital signage system helps employers promote OSHA compliance—it can help your team develop an active culture of safety.  Keep your workers aware of potential risks and informed about proper procedures for reporting accidents and safety risks.

From communicating information about hazardous materials and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to reminders about Lockout/Tagout procedures, employees get frequently updated information on safety measures specific to your industry.  Collect employee feedback, recognize achievements, and deliver key information via Marlin’s digital signage systems.

OSHA Compliance in Print

Marlin delivers multiple, industry-specific safety posters so you can reinforce OSHA compliance in a new way every week - or more - for maximum retention. The Marlin service also includes custom posters for recognizing individuals, departments, and safety milestones.

Marlin is the only digital signage program with industry-specific content included.

Your workers will stay motivated and be more inspired with new employee recognition content delivered daily. Plus, our Content Library addresses other common workplace issues, including stress management and diversity.