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Digital Signage Systems for the Workplace

The Electronic Workplace Communication Station™

Marlin’s digital signage systems are helping companies of all sizes improve workplace communication, attitudes and behaviors.

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Digital Signage systems designed for the workplace

Since 1913, partnering with companies like Pepsi, Sysco, Safeway and Waste Management to create workplace communications that affect company culture and the bottom line. Our experience, patented digital signage system and industry targeted content deliver results for our clients.

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Upload any File Type

Excel. Powerpoint. Word. Video. Not a Problem. Upload most any file type with ease. No complex file conversion. Our digital signage system makes your job a little easier by enabling you to deliver the right workplace communication in just the right way.

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Target Content to the Right Audience

Marlin’s digital signage systems enable you to tailor content to specific employee groups and geographic regions, while keeping everyone on the same page with the company message. Reach everyone across all shifts, departments, and multiple locations anywhere in the country and even on the road. Enterprise tools help you manage all levels of access. It’s flexibility, reach, and consistency in your workplace communication.

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Our Workplace Communication or Yours

Get the Electronic Communication Station™ preloaded with industry-specific content that covers your important workplace issues like safety, quality and morale. Or choose to use our digital signage system with your own in-house content, supplemented with a subscription to our comprehensive workplace communications library.

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Secure, Patented Digital Signage Technology

Marlin’s patented digital signage technology (U.S. patents: 7,743,112; 7,765,273; 8,516,527 and 8,826,168 B2) is designed specifically for workplace communication. Over 7,000 installations have taught us what matters most to you.  Our cloud-based system is robust and scalable, using secure ‘pull’ technology, and software updates are automatic.

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Great Support

Marlin’s customer and technical support teams are available to answer your questions and troubleshoot issues. A library of online video training modules makes it easy to get your team up to speed. With over 7,000 digital signage system installations to date, expert installation services are always available.

Looking for a Print Solution?  Learn more about our Print Communication Station programs.

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