Electronic Communication Station™

The Global Leader In Workplace Digital Signage

Global leader in workplace
digital signage

Since 1913, Marlin has partnered with companies like Pepsi, Sysco, Safeway and Waste Management to create workplace communication programs that affect both company culture and the bottom line. Solid communications experience combines with our patented digital signage technology (U.S. patents: 7,743,112 and 7,765,273) to deliver tangible results for our clients time and time again.

See our Digital Signage
in Action


Check out this three and half minute video demo of our Electronic Communication Station™ and see just how simple and versatile our digital signage system can be for your workplace communications.

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Upload any
file type

Excel. Powerpoint. Word. Video. No Problem. Upload most any file type with ease. No complex file conversion.  We make it a little easier for you to deliver the right message in just the right way.

Easy to Maintain

You get 24/7 system access for easy posting from any internet connection at any time. Easily manage multiple users. Dashboard tools make content management simple. Marlin's support team is behind you all the way. Flexible user capabilities allow you to decide who can create content (locally or company-wide) and who gets to see it.

Unlimited Flexibility
and Reach

Tailor content to address specific departments, employee groups, and geographic regions, while keeping everyone on the same page with the company message. It’s flexibility, reach, and consistency. Reach everyone across all shifts, departments, and multiple locations anywhere in the country. Enterprise tools help you manage all levels of access.

Marlin covers all
the basics

Safety. Teamwork. Quality. Health & Wellness. Our digital signage system comes loaded with content on the issues most important to your specific industry. Run it as is or add your own company content for added impact. Remind the warehouse team about forklift safety, utility workers about personal protective equipment, and healthcare staff about patient rights.