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Employee Bulletin Board Programs by Marlin

Changing messages change minds and behavior

Workers seek out, read and retain information that is useful to them in their everyday lives. Next to this informative content, Marlin places workplace messages that your company wants to communicate, resulting in a tailored employee bulletin board that makes an impact. Created with positive language and engaging images, workers retain those frequently changing messages. Messages designed to help them work safer and smarter ultimately change behavior and save money.

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In addition to the selection of industry-specific and human interest posters provided each month, Marlin print subscriptions include customization capabilities. Our online Idea Factory™ offers subscribers a wide variety of custom poster choices that are easy to order for your company bulletin board. Our team of professional designers put all the elements together in an eye-catching way so that your message stands out, and your workers feel appreciated.

Company bulletin boards with custom posters

One of the best features of our employee bulletin board system is the ability to create custom workplace posters that include your company name and even your own employees.  Start with industry specific teamwork or safety topics, then craft your message especially for the workplace issues crucial to your business.

Ready to do digital?  Learn more about our Digital bulletin boards.

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PCS Features

Subscribers can order a wide variety of custom workplace posters designed and produced by Marlin’s professional design team.

Custom Content

Marlin created customized employee bulletin board programs uniquely designed for your company and the issues it faces.  See some examples below.




  • Enclosed, well-lit display case customized with your company identity
  • Fresh content delivered monthly, allowing a new focus for your employee message board each week
  • Thought provoking or entertaining answers to specific and universal workplace issues
  • Company bulletin boards feature relevant news and motivational content to attract workers’ attention

Direct Line™

Marlin’s Direct Line® offers a unique employee feedback tool at a low cost. Eye-catching graphics and thought-provoking messages enlist employee opinions and ideas. Sold by subscription, the employee feedback includes four posters monthly that draw attention and encourage workers to use the confidential communications resource.  Learn more from your local Marlin regional manager.
Learn more form your local Marlin regional manager

Direct Line™