Why Digital Signage?

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Companies everywhere are embracing workplace digital signage—also called electronic bulletin boards, workplace safety solutions, and corporate digital signage—as a powerful visual communication tool. They’ve found it valuable in today’s workplace, especially given the high distraction levels and low attention spans of today’s workers.

The technique of repeated visual exposure (learned from the advertising industry), can engage, inform and motivate employees, change behavior and lead to better profits.

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Workplace digital signage, installed in areas where employees congregate, can effectively reach those who don’t have access to computers or smart phones. And it’s a welcome break for desk workers who spend hours staring at a computer.

With the right visual signage system, your company can deliver the right message to the right employees to drive the right behavior.

What workplace digital signage can achieve:

  • Create a culture of safety to reduce accidents, workers comp claims, and lost time
  • Increase productivity by posting KPIs and helpful tips
  • Reduce employee turnover by improving morale
  • Increase understanding of company goals and create a better sense of team
  • Keep all employees informed and up-to-date, regardless of their schedules
  • Improve overall communication, including messaging by senior leadership
  • Encourage health and wellness to reduce absenteeism and healthcare costs
  • Prevent workplace stress and violence
  • Improve morale by celebrating employee milestones

Companies scoring in the top 25% for employee engagement have:

  • 37% lower absenteeism
  • 48% fewer safety incidents
  • 41% fewer quality defects
  • 21% high productivity
  • 22% higher profitability

Why Marlin?

Marlin is the only digital signage company that focuses solely on the workplace. And we’re the only provider that can offer everything a company needs to effectively communicate to employees—both non-office and office. Our solution includes:

The Marlin Digital Signage SolutionCustomization and pricing to suit almost any need

Your business and workplace digital signage needs are unique. So your digital signage solution should be, too. Although Marlin can provide everything needed—including software, industry-specific content, support, hardware, and installation—we’re flexible and will customize to meet your digital display needs. Here are some examples.

Fake Workplace Signage Company Logo Communications Center
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1: Your Brand
Your company’s logo, colors, and name for this display.
2: Main Message
This space can be used for any purpose and can include our content or yours.
3: Scrolling Message
Often includes company news and announcements. Called the Quick Ticker.
4: Local & Regional
Includes local weather, plus news and sports.
5: Secondary Message
Often includes quotes, employee news or counters.
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What Our Customers Say

A Few Words About Price and ROI

About Price

When it comes to workplace digital signage, one price doesn’t fit all. Your business, workforce, and goals are unique. To make sure your needs are met, we’ll work closely with you and we’re extremely flexible.

We offer flexibility for one screen or many; for universal or highly targeted content; and for single-user or multi-user control. Prices also vary by subscription term and whether you choose our turnkey solution or supply your own hardware. In short, there are many variables involved that affect our price.

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With Marlin pricing you can expect:

  • A low fixed price
  • No upfront costs
  • No surprise fees
  • Free technical support
  • Free software updates
  • Free product advancements

Unlike digital signage companies that lead with a low price online, Marlin prefers to first talk with you about your needs and objectives, then quote you a price. One that’s competitive and often surprisingly low.

About ROI

The average cost per workplace injury is $53,000. The average cost of turnover per employee is $15,000. Disengaged employees cost American businesses $450—$550 billion each year in reduced productivity, sales, and profitability.

Each of these costs is tied to employee behavior—behavior that can be influenced by workplace digital signage. How does this connect to ROI? The answer: It depends on your objectives for using it. So instead of talking about ROI, we talk about ROO—Return on Objectives.

What are your objectives for introducing workplace digital signage? Is it to improve safety awareness, reduce turnover with better communication and improved morale, consistently reach workers on all shifts, transform your culture?

Your objectives influence where you put your screens, how many you’ll need, the type of content you post, and how you deploy it. There are many variables involved that will determine your ROO. Marlin will work with you to optimize them all.

If our workplace digital signage helps your company avoid one serious vehicle or workplace accident … if it helps reduce employee turnover … if it helps improve morale and productivity … then chances are it will have paid for itself.

With that in mind, please contact us to talk or meet with your local Regional Manager. They’ll be happy to quote you a price. One that’s surprisingly low—especially given the quality of our content, the reliability of our technology, and the support you’ll receive.

Thought Leadership

8 Critical Questions to Ask

Thinking about getting workplace digital signage? This free 
14-page guide spells out what a digital bulletin board can do for your company, what you need to know, and how to get started.


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