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Employee survey reveals winning formula for effective digital signage content

The HR staff at Herr Foods headquarters in Nottingham, Pennsylvania, knows a thing or two about how to engage workers using digital signage. Their journey to success started with a need to find a better way to communicate with over 500 Herr Foods production workers across three shifts and two departments. After partnering with The Marlin Company and installing three digital signage screens in their breakrooms, they got to work uploading, scheduling and displaying all kinds of workplace messaging.

But something was missing. They weren’t yet realizing the level of engagement they had hoped for. It took an employee survey and some conversations with staff in the breakroom to find out what needed to change. The overwhelming conclusion? Their digital signage content needed to be more personal, more varied, and more fun!

The HR team responded with a mix of material to complement their work-specific messaging. Sports RSS feeds were added to the display rotation, as well as more employee recognition pieces, from birthdays and anniversaries to welcome messages for new employees. And to really keep it even more fun and engaging, a regular piece known as ‘Throwback Thursday’ was also included. It challenges everyone to identify today’s Herr Foods employees based on some older photos—big hair and all.

Technology Crucial to New Digital Signage Content Strategy

Marlin’s digital signage SaaS-based technology makes it easy to post, enhance, and schedule all of this varied content with ease. But the software’s ability to display content in multiple frames is crucial to the HR team’s new content strategy. It enables work-specific messaging, such as a benefits memo, to be displayed at the same time on a different part of the screen as an employee recognition piece. The evidence of success can be seen right in their breakroom. Workers are now drawn to the more personal and fun content. From there, they also absorb any number of work-specific messaging in adjacent segments or frames.

For Herr, it’s a win-win. Their ‘lighter side’ content helped increase their active digital signage audience, a part of engagement necessary for delivery of work messaging. But the new strategy also delivers an uptick in morale. Workers see more images of their peers on the screens, and more examples of teamwork and Herr culture in action. The results are very positive.

“This is great!” exclaims Jose’, a Herr Foods employee who commented on the screen. “I like seeing the employee welcome messages, the updates. Oh, and the news and sports!”

The breakrooms at Herr Foods are a perfect proving ground for visual communication. Employees have 15-minute breaks, so content has to be managed accordingly, utilizing best practices for readability and timing. Once again, their segmented screens come in handy, ensuring all messages see a place in rotation during those 15 minutes.

Keeping the Employee Engagement Momentum

Tori Roth, HR Generalist at the Nottingham location, notes how employees now accept their ‘Communication Center’ as their main source of company information. And it’s an important part of the onboarding process as well. Tori will upload and schedule a welcome message to coincide with the employee’s first day on the job. “We take them to the screens and explain that this is our primary company communication system, and they should check it out at least once a day,” Tori explains. When they see their own photo on the screens, they realize right away how powerful a tool this is and embrace the concept.

What's Next for Herr Foods Digital Signage Content?

Having established its vision of workplace digital signage at its headquarters, Herr Foods has since initiated a company-wide installation. Each branch will be able to contribute local content, but can also benefit from corporate news and updates. Together, this varied content achieves a perfect mix of messaging that includes everything from CEO videos to pictures of local shifts dressed up to celebrate the holidays.

Visitors to Herr Foods lobbies will also start to benefit from Marlin digital signage. The same patented technology that’s used to engage Herr workers can now highlight the Herr Foods story to anyone who pays a visit. It’s a story worth telling.


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