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Ensuring Reach & Visibility Through Workplace Digital Signage

Communication across shifts, locations

The Metropolitan Utilities District of Omaha, Nebraska, (M.U.D.) has seven separate facilities located throughout the metro area. They employ numerous shift workers, with the majority of the workforce in the field answering services requests from customers and ensuring the District’s gas and water delivery systems are optimally maintained.

The Challenge

Reaching employees in a variety of locations, shifts and in the field presented the District with a communication dilemma. M.U.D. sought a solution that could provide timely notifications and information to employees in each facility.

The Solution

M.U.D. selected patented workplace digital signage from The Marlin Company. The system enables the human resources department to upload, schedule, and display content across facilities with absolute certainty.

This uniform approach ensures equal access to important information such as internal job postings, regardless of location and shift. As M.U.D. Employment Manager Claire Learch points out, “This is a great place to work, and many of our employees are long term. Internal position openings are an avenue for our workforce to build their careers.”

A walk-through of the break rooms at the M.U.D. Operations Center reveals the can’t-miss job posting information on their large LCD digital signage screens.

The bright, eye-catching displays were installed as part of a turnkey package from The Marlin Company. It included everything from site evaluation to installation by a team that met M.U.D.’s strict security background check requirements.

At any time, M.U.D. administrators can log into the cloud-based digital signage content management system (CMS) and review a report of content they’ve posted to their digital signage. This reporting feature means there’s always a record of which job openings were posted, in addition to the locations where the content was displayed, when it was displayed, and for how long. It’s a system that ensures accountability and compliance.

M.U.D. has the option to display their custom content exclusively, either in full screen mode or in frames that allow for multiple pieces to display at once. But to ensure that there’s always fresh and engaging content, their digital signage also displays news, weather and sports feeds provided by Marlin, in addition to industry-specific content that addresses everything from morale to safety topics. By using different segments of their screen, they’re also able to brand their messaging, 24/7.

M.U.D. is a big proponent of creating and nurturing a culture of safety, often utilizing its digital signage for messaging on everything from slips, trips & falls to heat stroke awareness. But that’s just the beginning. Their digital signage screens also provide a venue for employee recognition, particularly for their Safety Stars program. It’s a way of highlighting individuals and teams across the M.U.D. enterprise who contribute to workplace safety in very tangible ways. It doesn’t matter which department you work in or what your title may be—Safety Stars all receive top billing at M.U.D.

The Result

With Marlin digital signage, M.U.D. administrators have a proven method for fair and equal distribution of important workplace information. They have a platform for communication that can also be used for all kinds of safety and morale-building programs, and employees have a go-to venue for reviewing that information without having to log into intranet sites or accessing email. It’s one more reason why M.U.D. continues to be a great place to work.


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