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If you have questions about our workplace digital signage solutions—also called workplace safety signage, digital bulletin boards, and corporate digital signage—we’re eager to answer them. So if your questions aren’t included below, please call us at 877-890-9116. Or email us here.

General FAQs

Prices vary considerably and depend on your needs and goals. We offer flexibility for one screen or many; for universal or highly targeted content; and for single-user or multi-user control. Prices also vary by subscription term and whether you choose our turnkey solution or supply your own hardware. Our prices are competitive and surprisingly low. A local Marlin Regional Manager will be happy to learn about your needs and give you a quote.

Your ROI is tied to your objectives for using digital signage. This influences many key variables, such as where you put your screens, how many you’ll need, the type of content you post, and how you deploy it. Because of all these variables, it’s impossible to quote an ROI. So instead we talk about ROO—Return on Objectives.

If our digital signage helps your company avoid one serious vehicle or workplace accident … if it helps reduce employee turnover … if it helps improve morale and productivity … then chances are it will have paid for itself. Learn more here.

There are no upfront costs. There are also no surprise fees. And there’s never a need to budget for software upgrades.

The world these days is filled with screens—that’s because people watch them. Given Marlin’s expertise in the workplace, we know what it takes to engage employees. The powerful combination of our well-conceived screen layout, our software that offers many options for promoting your in-house content, and Marlin’s dynamic workplace content enable us to confidently say your Marlin electronic bulletin board will be widely viewed and key information will be understood.

You can use and install your own screens. The commercial-grade monitors Marlin provides and installs are made by LG and are proven to perform in 24/7 always-on environments. Their sharpness when viewed from a distance make these screens ideal for displaying workplace digital signage.

In a word: yes. Given Marlin’s technology, it’s easy to customize content by audience or location. You can send company-wide messages as well as specific messages to specific locations. We’ll work with you to determine the best plan to meet your objectives.

You can display as much or as little of your own content as you like. It’s easy to post and manage content using source material of almost any kind—videos, PowerPoint, Word and Excel documents, social media feeds, live data, and more. Files convert automatically. Most of our customers like knowing that Marlin provides new content every workday, reducing their need for in-house content creation.

Marlin’s basic subscription includes a broad range of industry-specific content, with 44 new entries provided each month. You can supplement this with the Marlin Content Library, a digital archive with thousands of industry-specific and universal entries.

Our digital signage system was created for non-technical users and is intuitively simple. Most users can learn the basics of posting and scheduling content and adding and managing users in under 30 minutes. Your local Regional Manager is happy to show you what you need to know. We also provide online video training modules available at your convenience.

In addition to the content that comes with your monthly subscription, Marlin’s expert writers and designers can work with you to create custom content for a reasonable fee.

In short, the media player is the “brains” of our workplace digital signage system. It’s the hardware necessary to receive the message and push content to the screen.

Yes. Marlin provides Spanish content for subscribers of our Industrial edition. Our content management software makes it easy to post your own content in any language.

Our monthly subscription includes:

  • 44 animated Marlin entries per month focusing on your industry issues
  • Initial one-on-one training session by your local Regional Manager
  • 24/7 access to online training videos
  • Access to technical support by phone or email
  • Custom nameplate banner with your company logo
  • Continuously updated local news, sports, and weather
  • Scrolling ticker for posting company news and announcements
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Unlimited customization enabling you to create your own content
  • Calendar-based scheduling allowing you to schedule content to meet your needs
  • Access to Marlin’s online database of free templates
  • Future software releases provided free of charge for life of subscription

Tech-Related FAQs

Yes, Marlin’s Customer Care team is staffed by technical pros happy to take your calls and answer your questions in plain and simple language. No technical mumbo-jumbo is spoken. Learn more here.

The Marlin system requires only a standard broadband internet connection. The access point can be wired, wireless or exist completely off your network using a turnkey cellular solution. Also, the system caches content rather than streaming it, saving your network from unnecessary bandwidth demands.

Marlin’s system uses secure “pull” technology, so the content is never pushed to your digital engine. Data encryption methods in place include SHA 256 RSA encryption utilizing TLS 1.0 with Secure Cipher Suites and Certificate Key 2048 bits. To meet Marlin’s warranty requirements, customers must provide anti-virus software.

In a word: no. Installation is simple, and with our turnkey option Marlin handles the installation. Maintenance is never an issue—ironclad warranties are available with all Marlin-provided equipment. And Marlin’s software updates occur automatically.

After your system is up and running, your IT department still won’t be burdened. That’s because Marlin’s software is designed for non-technical users and almost anyone can easily learn to post, edit, and manage content.

The size of your monitors will depend on your environment and the location of screens. In all cases we recommend commercial-grade screens that perform in 24/7 always-on environments. Screens must support a 16:9 aspect ratio. Your local Regional Manager will work with you to determine the best solution for your objectives.

Marlin’s proprietary digital signage content management system is SaaS (Software as a Service). This enables our customers to post content and manage users from anywhere with an internet connection.

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