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For over a century, Marlin’s Digital Signage has helped countless companies improve, refine, and maintain a successful workplace communication program. From Hilton to PepsiCo and everywhere in between, Marlin’s products have transformed the way communication is delivered.

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“There is a culture change when associates feel they are being communicated with.”
“There is a culture change when associates feel they are being communicated with.”

Issues Addressed

Effective employee communication is paramount to the success of your business. When messages are delivered with clarity and employees feel as though their opinions and voices are being heard, multiple areas of your work environment will be positively affected, including your bottom line. Below are some examples of issues positively affected with the implementation of a digital signage program.
Enterprise Digital Signage Solutions

Workplace Safety

Accident prevention and open communication go hand in. Digital Signage can be used for safety tips, reminders, and important OSHA information. You can even incorporate safety trainings into your digital signage solution with daily training updates and recommendations.
Enterprise Digital Signage Solutions

Engagement and Morale

Every team member should be communicated with and have their voices heard. Though transparency, clarity and a wealth of information delivered through your digital signage platform, employees will feel appreciated, boosting their morale and engagement alike.
Enterprise Digital Signage Solutions

Employee Recognition

Humanize your digital signage by recognizing your employees in a positive and innovative way. By acknowledging coworkers and bringing a “personal touch” to your communication platform, employees will stay engaged and look forward to being featured in the future.

The Benefits of Visual Communication

Reach Your Entire Company, Seamlessly

Only in an ideal world are all of your employees in the same place at the same time. Made by industry experts, Marlin’s digital signage solution allows you deliver your important corporate messages to everyone in your organization regardless of shift, location or department. Through our audience targeting feature and mobile connectivity, you will know your employees are viewing the right message at the right time. Whether your employees are on site, on the road, or at home, Marlin can help extend your reach and communicate with your entire company, seamlessly.

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A Product You’ll Actually Enjoy Using

One of the most common hesitations we experience with new customers is the training and extra work that will go into updating their digital signage on a daily basis. Unlike many of our competitors, our product is designed for the workplace by industry experts. We understand that time is the only thing you can’t get back so we made our product simple, turnkey, and easy to use and deliver the right message at the right time. With a library of online video tutorials made for easy training and a support team that is always ready to help, Marlin takes the worry out of your communication strategy.

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Take Advantage of Marlin’s Content

Designed specifically for the workplace, Marlin’s content management system allows you to feature industry specific, dynamic content on key issues and topics surrounding the workplace. That means no blank screen or mad dashes to find filler topics to post! With two new pieces of content added to our library daily and a research based formula for maximum content impact and retention, Marlin’s content library can help your communication strategy exponentially, targeting issues such a productivity, violence, teamwork and many more.

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