100 Years of Visual Communication in the Workplace

2013 Marks the 100th Year Anniversary of Marlin’s Illustrated Current News

In the early days the Illustrated Current News (ICN) was used as an advertising technique to draw traffic to storefront windows. The program was sold by subscription and delivered three times a week. Commercial photography was in its infancy and pictures of sporting events, political news and other current events drew a lot of attention. Recognizing the immense power of visual communication, Frank Kenna Sr. decided to try it in a workplace setting.

In 1924 The Kenna family had purchased Marlin Firearms. Communicating to workers in a factory setting was challenging. Yet it was an essential factor in running a safe and productive operation. Kenna’s idea was to utilize the news pictorials as a magnet to draw workers’ attention. Thus began The Marlin News Centers, which featured ICNs and other important workplace announcements and messages that reinforced safety and morale.  The display cases were attractive, glass-enclosed fixtures with a nameplate featuring the company’s name and logo. They were located in high-traffic areas where workers were sure to take notice.

marlin ecs

Marlin in the Digital Age

The world has changed radically since 1913. Today it’s even more challenging to engage, inform and motivate employees.  Marlin remains a leader in innovative visual communication programs.  The Electronic Communication Station (ECS), a patented digital signage solution, was designed exclusively for the workplace. With over 6,000 installations, ECS is best known for its ease of use. Marlin’s proprietary content management software makes it simple to post in-house content and the program includes colorful, dynamic content covering industry-specific workplace issues. Whether it’s a single installation or an enterprise-wide deployment, Marlin makes it easy for companies to reach their workers and help keep them focused on what matters most.