10 Content Ideas to Make Your Digital Signage Sing this Holiday Season

Holiday Digital Signage

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. But is your digital signage ready for all of the good cheer? No need to stress. Engaging holiday content ideas abound.

Here are 10 ways digital signage can help you celebrate, recognize employees, and capitalize on the excitement.

10 Content Ideas to Make Your Digital Signage Sing this Holiday SeasoN

1. Family holiday cards

If employees haven’t already started sending out family photo holiday cards, it’s only a matter of time. Give them a venue that can extend their fame beyond snail mail. Just take a pic of the card upload it to your digital signage Make sure their names are included. Start off with one example and start seeing other contributions roll in.

2. Party countdowns

Add a splash of color to your holiday with a countdown. Whether it’s a countdown to a company party or just to a specific holiday, everyone will love to see the days, minutes or seconds tick by.

3. Charity participation

The holidays bring out the givers in all of us. Post photos of employee participation. If your organization is collecting items (canned goods or unwrapped gifts) and there is a deadline to meet, consider adding a countdown to keep everyone on track.

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4. Year-end messages from the top

Your executives are rock stars. Employees and visitors will certainly pay attention to a timely message from top leadership, especially when it includes a photo and has a tone that’s full of cheer.

5. Expressions of gratitude

Ask employees to contribute a sentence or two about their success over the year or why they’re thankful. Even a one-word submission is worthwhile to post. It’s all about giving everyone the opportunity to be a part of the big board.

6. Ugly sweaters

It’s not all about work during the holidays. Ask everyone to submit pictures of their ugliest holiday sweaters to post on your digital signage. It’s an easy way to add even more fun to your digital signage. Not into sweaters? How about pics of how employees decorate for the holidays?

7. Holiday cards & gift baskets

Many company mailrooms are already starting to see beautiful, thoughtful greeting cards and maybe some tasty treats from vendors, partners, remote employees, former employees and more. Grab pictures of everything before they disappear. Then post them to your boards, making sure to call out who sent what. It’s great press for the givers. You can even tell them that they made it onto your digital signage. They’ll be delighted.

8. Staying healthy

Don’t let the typical holiday indulgences and stress turn your company’s health & wellness initiatives into a distant memory. Instead, try adding some encouraging content about staying on track. Company-reimbursed gym memberships? Remind them with a bit of visual fun.

9. A nod to holiday bakers

You know who they are. And if you’re lucky enough, you’ve enjoyed some of their treats. Now it’s time to give those employees extra kudos. Encourage your resident Giada De Laurentiises and Duff Goldmans to show off pictures of their creations. You can even include recipes if they’re willing to share their special confectionery magic.

10. Calendars

Between special holiday hours and exciting events, it’s easy to get confused about what’s happening and when. If you’re ever going to put a calendar on your digital signage, now’s the time.


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Sean Donnelly
November 27, 2019

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