10 Things You Can Replace in Your Office with Digital Signage

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You may think of digital signage as a piece of hardware that hangs on a wall and displays company information, but in reality, it can do so much more.

I started thinking about this when I came across this article about the demise of Radio Shack. It showed a 1991 ad with 15 gizmos for sale, such as a scanner, phone answering machine, camcorder, clock radio, and calculator. When the article was written in 2014, 13 of the 15 items were available as an app on an iPhone. Today, 14 are available; the sole holdout being a speaker with 15” subwoofer.

The same trend of consolidation in technology has also carried over to the workplace environment, affecting how companies communicate with workers. When I thought of digital tools that are used today to reach employees, I started thinking about workplace digital signage and how many physical things it has replaced. When you think about it, the time saved and the efficiencies gained by using it are pretty amazing.

10 Things You Can Replace in Your Office with Digital Signage:

Spiral bound presentations

These are routinely designed using PowerPoints and uploaded to digital signage.

Framed photos

Most digital signage systems can display digital photo formats such as jpegs and tiffs.


Back in the day, the CEO’s video or latest 30 second spot was on a VHS cassette and loaded into a TV in the cafeteria where it looped over and over. Today it’s uploaded from the internet or social media into digital signage where it can be automatically scheduled and played at one – or 1,000 – locations almost instantly.

“Days Since X” boards

These have been replaced by virtual versions available within the digital signage software that automatically count up or down, using months, days, years, minutes and seconds.This is a big efficiency gain compared with daily manual updating.

Memos to employees

Remember the days of printing out dozens or hundreds of the same memo and sorting into employees’ mailboxes or paycheck envelopes? Now you can simply post it on digital signage where the messaging can be seen by all and then automatically disappears after a few days.

Greeting cards

Happy 4th of July-type greeting cards have made way for digital templates that can be designed and posted in seconds.

Emergency signage

“What to do in case of emergency” postings on walls have been replaced by emergency “apps” within digital signage software.

Newspapers placed in breakrooms

These are replaced by news feeds that are updated hourly without any employee effort.

Excel spreadsheets taped on a wall

I still see this at some companies, but most (hopefully) now upload their spreadsheets into their digital signage. This is particularly useful when the data changes daily or weekly. All the admin has to do is update the spreadsheet to change the post on the digital signage screen across the building or around the world.

Bulletin boards

While these are also still in use at some companies, they really are totally obsolete and have been replaced by digital signage that does all of the above, and much more.

Start Replacing Old Technology Today

After looking through some of the things digital signage can replace in the workplace, it would be interesting to add up the cost savings of converting all of these physical/manual methods to digital signage, wouldn’t it? Look for the answer to that question in my next blog! In the meantime, check out how Marlin’s patented digital signage solution can help consolidate your communications with employees.

Frank Kenna III
July 17, 2018

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