10 Ways to Promote Off-the-Job Safety with Workplace Digital Signage

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Don’t you wish you had a “Safety2Go” program that would increase off-the-job safety for your employees? While workplace injuries are down, the data on off-the-job injuries and deaths is very sobering.

  • Safety + Health Magazine estimates that 9 out of 10 worker deaths occur off the job
  • 70% of worker injuries occur off the job
  • Employees are 20 times more likely to be hurt off the job than while at work.

Generally, employers struggle with how to effectively raise awareness around off-the-job safety. The costs associated with off-work injuries are clear; lost workdays, the need to hire temporary labor or train a permanent replacement, etc. However, to be successful with off-the-job safety, it can’t be seen merely as a productivity tool. Instead, it needs to speak to your overall commitment to employee wellness and quality of life. When workers know that you care about them as people, not just as workers, they are more motivated to participate.

So, how do you start? The good news is that you probably already have a secret weapon that can help take your safety culture to the next level. Most companies use some form of digital signage, electronic message boards or digital bulletin boards to communicate with their workers. In industrial, manufacturing, and warehouse environments, these screens are already used to drive safety awareness for shift workers who do not have access to computers. Why not extend the message to reinforce safe behavior after hours?

Here are 10 ways to reinforce off-the-job Safety with Workplace Digital Signage


  1. Ask yourself: how do we take it home?

    While you’re already reinforcing proper use of PPE, ladder safety, eye protection, and more on the job workplace safety, take it a step further and ask, “How can we extend the message for after hours?” Think bike helmets, safety glasses for landscape work, and ladder safety for home repairs.

  2. Highlight “Safety Don’ts”

    Just as you run hazard-spotting programs in your facility, challenge your employees to do the same at home. Turn it into a contest that you announce and promote on your electronic message boards. Post pictures and recognize the winners for helping raise off-the-job safety awareness.

  3. Don’t reinvent the wheel

    You always want your messages to be fresh and engaging. Tap into the National Safety Council’s monthly programs, some of which involve safety in the home & community. Access their site for ideas to post on your screens like sports eye safety, national bike month, and national fireworks safety.

  4. Get families involved

    Your employees are very knowledgeable on how to stay safe at work. When they apply that know-how at home, everyone wins. It’s also never too early to involve the kids. Consider sponsoring a drawing contest of how they stay safe at home. Post the winners and their artwork on your digital message boards.

  5. Change with the seasons

    Every season presents new challenges for staying safe off-the-job. Whether it’s boating safety, show shoveling, bike riding or gutter cleaning, you can post helpful tips for raising awareness of how to have fun, get your chores done, and stay safe.

  6. Show us the evidence

    Run a “how I’ll stay safe this weekend” campaign and encourage employees to submit pictures, or short video clips showing safety in action at home and in the community.

  7. Walking the talk

    Is your company sharing its safety knowledge with the community in schools, clubs or civic organizations? Don’t keep it a secret. Share pictures and recognize those employees who are supporting safety in the community.

  8. Help them learn more

    Digital signage is great for delivering short messages with high-impact graphics. Include a message on where to find more information. For example, “For details on the kids’ drawing contest, see Diane in HR.” Or, “For more tips on fireworks safety check Sales Tips tab on our intranet.”

  9. Timing is everything

    Most workplace digital signage systems offer scheduling tools that make it easy for you to play the right message at the right time. Post your at-home safety tips and messages toward the end of the shift and at the start of the weekend.

  10. Use a calendar

    While there are multiple people contributing content to your electronic message boards, running an editorial calendar really helps to make sure that you’re covering all the right topics. Be sure to get off-the-job safety on the calendar every week.


Extend the power of your workplace digital signage by incorporating these tips to engage and inform employees on off-the-job safety. What are you waiting for?

Jude Carter
March 22, 2018

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