A 100-Unit Digital Signage Install Could Run You $700k a Year

A blog by Frank Kenna

When calling on larger companies who are looking for Digital Signage (DS) we often run into our largest competitor, “do-it-yourself.”  While these prospects are interested in our software and content, there’s usually a few people in on the buying decision who think it would be much cheaper to try to buy, install and run it themselves.  While we know from 10 years and thousands of customers’ worth of experience that they’re wrong, it’s often hard to convince them that we offer a much more economical solution.

That’s why I was very interested to read a 2012 study from the Digital Signage Insider blog.  The yearly study surveys a variety of DS operators and asks them about the number and types of employees needed to run a typical installation. 
The findings showed that it takes about 12 people to install and operate a 100-screen network over the course of 3 years.  The study went on to say that a single screen in the hypothetical 100-screen network costs about $700/month to operate, or about $70k for 100 screens.  That high cost is primarily because of personnel involvement from various departments.  This is a hidden expense that most do-it-yourselfers don’t anticipate, but is very real.  In this study the personnel were involved with logistics, strategy, project planning, content production and management, network management, and installation and equipment services.

Many of the network operators surveyed were involved with DS in public places for applications like advertising so may have slightly higher production costs than workplace DS.  But even if you cut those estimates in half, you can still see how expensive, involved and time consuming it is to try to do-it-yourself.

Like throwing a spiraling NFL pass or hitting a 90 MPH fastball, many things look easy from a distance.  But when you get up close and see how the pros really do it, you realize they only make it look easy.  The reality of their expertise involves years of investment in hard work, practice and study.  A professional digital signage provider is no different.  If you’re looking in buy and install a DS system, you owe it to yourself and your company to at least consider the experts

Oh – and it’s cheaper too. 

Frank Kenna III
October 17, 2013

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