What 3 Things Do Tugboats, Trucks and Forklifts Have in Common?

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It’s certainly not where they operate; seeing as how one navigates bays and rivers, the other drives on highways and the third works in warehouses and factories.

The three things they have in common are:

  1. They are vehicles used for transporting something from one point to another.
  2. They are inherently dangerous unless operated properly (and even then, can still have issues not caused by the operator).
  3. They are operated by people who are tough to reach regularly with company news and updates.

I know the last point is true because these are the types of companies that seek our product to help them communicate with their employees. The problem they’re trying to solve usually centers on safety. No matter how well trained an employee is, there are still hidden risks that cause problems such as texting car drivers, hidden obstructions and people walking around not paying attention.

Sure, you can train for those things, but can you rely on your people to be vigilant at all times? After all, employees get distracted, tired, bored just like everyone else.

Our solution is to get short video reminders in front of them on a regular basis. This is typically when they’re headed out the door, taking a break in the café, or walking down a hallway. In each case, strategically-placed digital signs (TVs), loaded with reinforcing messages, can be just the right reminder to be safe “out there.”

Start reaching your hard-to-reach employees today

Decades of experience and thousands of current customers tell us this approach works, and works well. Interested? Contact us to discover more or to get a free online demo.

Frank Kenna III
March 6, 2019

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