3 Tips to Make Your Intranet Actually Work for Employee Communications

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Most companies today have some type of intranet; a private network used to provide information to employees. The idea is to have one place where employees can go to keep up with reports, company policies, KPIs and other important employee communications.

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However, the reality of an intranet is nicely summed up in this comic strip, Take It From the Tinkersons. The boss asks about the value of their intranet and the employees just… stare.

The problem with intranets is that they are not easily accessible, and the content is not organized in a user-friendly format. Taking all the company’s employee communications and putting it in one spot is a good solution for content consolidation, but not for consumption. Here are a few tips that will help you get a lot more out of your intranet.

1. Organize Your Content

Think of your intranet as a library of content. You probably have hundreds, or thousands, of documents in there. But like any library, you have to have a good way for people to see the info. By organizing content on your intranet, employees will have an easier time consuming what is posted.

2.  Create an Employee Communications Strategy

Devise an employee communications plan that rotates content out of the intranet and gets it in front of employees. What information should they see that will help educate them on the company’s strategic direction, performance and culture? Write down a brief summary, by week or month, of what topics you need to cover, and that will dictate what material you need to access.

3. Put Your Content Where Employees Can See It

Make it effortless for employees to consume the content. Once you know what you want to communicate, you must find a way for people to see it. Our business is built around helping companies do this by using digital signage designed for the workplace. It works like a highway billboard, where employees see it simply by walking down a hallway or sitting in a breakroom. White boards and bulletin boards are lower-tech solutions that also work but take more maintenance.

Intranets are a great repository for company information, but don’t assume your employees will go there, because most won’t. Use the tips above to select the important information and make it visible.

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Frank Kenna III
May 15, 2019

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