4 Tips to Help You Select Workplace Digital Signage

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So, you need to better engage your employees and are looking at digital signage as a tool to help you. Realizing that you may want to look around a bit, I have tips that will be helpful.

You’ll probably start by googling “digital signage” or something similar and getting the usual 50 million results. Here are four tips to focus your search and help you evaluate the companies you’re researching.

Search for Specifics

Narrow the search terms as much as possible. If you run a warehouse, search for “warehouse digital signage.” Simple, but it’ll get you in the right neighborhood.

Look Through Their Website

Because you’ve narrowed the search, when you click on a link there’s a good chance that you’ll be sent to a company’s “landing page” designed to match your search. While it probably has some relevant information, I suggest clicking through to their home page. This is where you’ll see what the company really specializes in. If it shows fast-food restaurant and retail signage, know you’re looking at a company that doesn’t focus on what you’re looking for.

Find A Demonstration

Find their product videos and play a couple. This will also reveal what their products’ strengths are. Make sure they’re a match with what you’re looking for.

FInd Their Specialty

You are buying digital signage to communicate certain topics like safety and health & wellness to your employees, right? Look around on each company’s site to see how they can help you handle those issues, and what type of content is available on each topic.

Select Workplace Digital Signage That’s Right For Your Company

These four steps will really help you select workplace digital signage that is highly relevant to what you’re looking for. To help you in your search, download our free eBook on critical questions to ask about workplace digital signage.

Good luck!

Frank Kenna III
June 25, 2018

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