5 Things I Learned at the Digital Signage Expo

By Frank Kenna

I just got back from the Digital Signage Expo in Vegas, which is always an interesting and provocative trade show.  It’s fascinating to see so many different types of companies and technologies in one place.  Here are 5 things I learned there.

1. The future is looking pretty cool.  Corning Glass showed this video about how our lives will be changed by digital technology in a few years.  If half of it is true, I’m in!  Not quite as futuristic, but still an interesting technology, is this projected woman from Casio.

2. Even next year’s technologies are unclear.  For example, QR codes, nowhere to be seen in recent shows, were all over the place last week.  And I heard two speakers already predicting their demise as simplistic, dated technologies. One guy said he refuses to use them “because they’re ugly.”  Near Field Communications (NFC), a promised technology for years, is so far unrealized technology while display makers wait for smart device manufacturers to adopt the technology, and vice versa.

3. If you want to make a video about how cool your product is, film at least part of it in New York’s Times Square.  I saw three videos at various presentations that contained clips from there, and one additional presentation that referred to it.  (Yeah, I’m having a little fun with this one… )

4. The Holy Grail across the industry is analytics and ROI.  Almost every presenter mentioned this in some way or form.  Buyers and advertisers are demanding this information, but the industry is having a tough time figuring it out.

5. Some memorable quotes. (Sorry quotees, I didn’t write down your names.  Comment below if you want to add yours.)

“Technology succeeds when no one notices the technology.”

“If a sales guy repeatedly tells you how cool his company’s product is, it probably has no practical application.”

“Don’t create content, create an experience.”

And finally, “Marlin’s products are the undisputed leaders in workplace digital signage.”  I do remember the author of that last one.

Jude Carter
March 12, 2012

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