7 Workplace Digital Signage Benefits Explained

Marlin customers across multiple industries and job titles were asked to describe some of the main benefits of their Marlin workplace digital signage. Here are a few summaries of their feedback, along with links to their complete stories.

1. Save time

Want to save 5-10 hours each week on your workplace digital signage? See how this IT Manager did just that when his company switched from do-it-yourself (DIY) digital signage to the Marlin solution.

“Overall, Marlin saves me anywhere from 5-10 hours a week compared to our old DIY system.”-Brian Hamblin, IT Manager, New-Indy Containerboard

2. Boost workplace morale

Think there’s no easy way to give your workforce a morale boost? Think again. Discover how Marlin electronic message boards are able to help improve morale in a uniquely challenging workplace environment.

“…a great way to post content that brings a bright spot to their day.” -Carolyn Forbes, Digital Content Manager, Horan & McConaty

3. Break down workplace silos

When an employee survey revealed there was a real challenge with interdepartmental communication, it was time to take action. Find out how this manufacturer was able to break down silos and share information across multiple departments with ease using visual communication and Marlin digital signage.

“Now I don’t have to wonder if employees have seen certain announcements.” –Paul Fox, HR Director, Viatran

4. Increase message retention

If 30-minute meetings (or longer) are the norm at your facility, employees are probably not retaining all of the key points. The solution for this major solid waste disposal company is to reinforce messaging through engaging visual communication on their Marlin electronic message boards.

“…it helps reiterate and play messages multiple times so employees can retain the information. They can actually stop and view the screens at their own pace.” -Terry Schweitzer, General Manager, Advanced Disposal

5. Reach all employees

Not all employees are tethered to computers and devices. You need an easy way to reach and engage these workers. That’s why this 4-star luxury hotel property uses Marlin digital signage to make sure everyone (housekeeping, food & beverage, culinary, sales, catering, administration and more) always has the information they need to stay at the top of the service industry.

“It’s super convenient because we can post content from anywhere with an internet connection.” – Karri Urode-Abe, HR Director, Fashion Island Hotel

6. Keep safety top of mind

When safety is your #1 core value, as it is for this roofing manufacturer, you need a dedicated communication solution to keep safety messaging visible in a big way. See how the ease-of-use and built-in subscription safety content of Marlin workplace digital signage make the difference.

“The quicker we can get messages out and the clearer they are, that’s really where the Marlin board shines.”-Jason Anderson, Safety Manager, PABCO Roofing Products

7. Motivate employees

This manufacturer found it easy to use their Marlin message boards to cheer on employees during crunch times. But that’s just a part of their overall approach to employee motivation. They also use Marlin to promote ongoing employee recognition programs. See how they also enjoy Marlin’s built-in motivational content.

“Motivation is really important to us.” -Kathy Maez, Human Resources Manager, Red Seal Measurement

There you have it. If you’re looking to save time, boost workplace morale, break down workplace silos, increase message retention, reach all employees, keep safety top of mind, and motivate employees, it’s hard to deny the crucial role that Marlin workplace digital signage can play.

Seeing is believing

Check out how this Marlin customer is using their workplace digital signage.

Sean Donnelly
January 2, 2020

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