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By Frank Kenna

I write a lot about Digital Signage (DS) systems in this blog, highlighting the pros and cons of various systems and methods.  Today I’m going to tell you why you should buy from us.

1. Experience – We’ve been in business for 98 years, so we know something about communication.  We published workplace communications for about 60 of those years, on paper for the first 52, then adding digital eight years ago.

2. Technical Expertise – We started developing electronic signage in 2001, and after three years of development, rolled it out nationwide in 2004.  We received two of the first patents for DS, covering the basic cloud-based process and structure we utilize.  (Note to do-it yourselfers: Developing a system like ours requires a long, steep and at times painful learning curve.  Like they say in the commercials, ‘Don’t try this at home.’)

3. Ongoing Development – We have two teams of full-time developers working on our products.  Technology changes quickly, as does the demands of workplace communications.  We’ve re-written our base software three times to take advantage of ever-changing core technologies, all without any outage for our thousands of customers.  And we roll out new feature releases every 6-8 weeks, giving our customers unprecedented tools for communicating with their people.

4. Customer Base – If you want to go with a vendor who has credibility, we’re it.  We have several thousand installations, bought by thousands of separate companies.  This is an important point – there are DS companies out there who claim numerous installations, but that have only a handful of specialized customers.  Our experience with thousands of customers has taught us how to get it done quickly and correctly – for any type of company.  And just as importantly, when problems do arise, how to fix them quickly.

5. Support – Our customer support and tech support teams can usually handle any problems quickly on the phone.  But if there’s a problem that requires personal attention, no problem.  We have a staff of regional managers across North America who make on-site visits on a daily basis.  We don’t leave you hanging.

6. What We DON’T Sell – We don’t sell restaurant menu boards, airport schedule signage or retail advertising signage.  We focus on one market only, the workplace.  While most DS companies out there try to do it all, we don’t.  We feel that to be the best, we need to have a laser focus on one area only and be great at it.  Which means that all of our resources are concentrated on making products that help managers communicate their messages quickly and easily, period.

7. Content – We are the only DS company that publishes industry-specific content on a daily basis.  Whether it’s on safety, quality, productivity or the other 40 issues we regularly cover, we provide our customers with a rock-solid foundation that they can build upon with their own in-house content.

8. Ease of Use – DS is only valuable if it helps you communicate quickly and easily. Most DS companies require extensive training for new users, some up to a week or two.  We know people running businesses are busy, and have designed our products accordingly.  Our average training takes about 30 minutes.  Many customers don’t even need any training; they simply use our online video tutorials as needed.  Each one is just a minute or two, making it easy to get specific help with any task when needed.

9. Value – We sometimes get asked what the ROI is on our product.  When we survey our customers and ask them that question, we get a minimum of 124% a year, and depending on the industry segment they’re in, some much higher.  But the real answer is that over 3,000 managers have each made the decision, one at a time, to buy Marlin, an achievement unequaled in the DS industry.

And that’s why you should buy from Marlin.  Interested?  Call us at (800)-344-5901.  Or email me at fkenna(at)themarlincompany.com .  (Replace the (at) with the @ symbol.)

Jude Carter
October 6, 2011

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