When Will You Be Hiring an Augmented Reality Journey Builder?

Augmented Reality Journey Builder

IT consulting firm Cognizant recently released a report describing 21 future jobs that will be needed as artificial intelligence and robotics take hold. I find the list interesting because I’ve written about this controversial subject several times before.

The debate is between those who think the coming automation will make millions of low-tech employees obsolete, and people (like me) who think those lost jobs will be more than made up for by the types listed below. As I’ve pointed out in my previous blog, we’ve gone through waves of amazing innovation over the last 150 years, with new technologies requiring more new jobs than those lost.

Aside from the interesting theoretical debate, the workplace will definitely change and managers need to be thinking about their HR needs in the medium to long-term. This is a good place to start because I firmly believe that all businesses will eventually be hiring new types of employees with skill sets matching this list:

1. Digital Tailor
2. Fitness Commitment Counselor
3. Virtual Store Sherpa
4. Ethical Sourcing Manager
5. Highway Controller
6. AI Business Development Manager
7. Man-Machine Teaming Manager
8. Bring Your Own It Facilitator
9. Personal Data Broker
10. Data Detective
11. Master of Edge Computing
12. Walker Talker
13. AI Assisted Healthcare Technician
14. Cyber City Analyst
15. Genomic Portfolio Director
16. Financial Wellness Coach
17. Chief Trust Officer
18. Quantum Machine Learning Analyst
19. Genetic Diversity Officer
20. Augmented Reality Journey Builder
21. Personal Memory Curator

Welcome to the future…again!

Frank Kenna III
November 20, 2017

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