What If Your Kid’s Back-to-School Books Were Blank?

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Imagine your kids come home from their first day of school, all excited with their new bookbags, textbooks and supplies. You ask to look at some of the books. They pull out a couple, open the cover and you find 200 pages of – nothing. Just page after page of white paper. You say, “This is ridiculous! What good is a book without anything written in it?” And you’d be right; there’s absolutely no value without the content inside.

So then imagine going to work the next day and having someone come up to you and say, “Hey, come check out our new digital signage employee communication system!” You follow them down the hall into the breakroom where you see a blank screen. The person in charge picks up the remote, turns it on and the display company’s logo flashes on the screen for a moment, and then – nothing. You say, “This is ridiculous! What good is a workplace communications system with nothing on it! The guy says, “Yeah, we gotta work on that part.”

While the blank textbook scenario is a little far-fetched, the blank display screen one isn’t. It’s what happens every day when a company buys a digital signage system with no content. They turn it on and think, now what?

At Marlin, we’re very proud of our content. In fact, we give our customers a year-long content program which highlights the critical topics we cover each month. The content appears automatically on their displays, every day, 24/7, and they can then add additional company-specific materials to complement our stuff, in effect creating and implementing a complete content strategy.

If you don’t like the blank-book concept, then contact the company who wrote the book on workplace communications: Marlin.

Frank Kenna III
August 29, 2019

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