Would You Subscribe to Cable TV With No Shows or Movies, Even at a Very Low Cost?

Professional Content

Let’s say your cable TV bill is $125 per month. For that amount you get over 100 channels of various video content, some movies and music. Now let’s say I offered you a deal from my cable company for only $25 a month, saving you $1,200 a year! There’s only one catch. You’ll have to supply your own content. So what would your answer be to that?

It’s an obvious answer for cable and similar services in your home. But what about for your workplace? Businesses are constantly adopting new technologies to save time and money. Workplace digital signage is a great example. There are many low-cost providers offering a basic “channel” for your in-house content. But it will cost you time, money and resources to produce content for your screens that is effective at engaging, informing and educating your employees. And by the way, your low-cost provider may have limits on the amount of content, file formats and size.

One of the reasons why digital signage is so popular for employee communications is that it’s visual. It grabs your employees’ attention and makes your messages stick. However, if you are posting PDFs, spreadsheets and PowerPoints, your employees will quickly lose interest. That’s where professional content can help.

Why Use Professional Content?

At Marlin, we provide a total solution that includes industry-specific content. We have learned that customers really appreciate having fresh, industry-specific professional content included in their subscription. It helps them communicate their important issues easily and it takes an enormous communications burden off their shoulders.

Most companies need to communicate and reinforce certain issues regularly, such as safety, customer service, wellness, teamwork, stress reduction, etc. On average there are about a dozen subjects that a typical company needs to keep in rotation on their digital signage screens. To do that weekly is almost impossible for most companies without a dedicated internal communications department and video staff. So we do it for them by providing video content on a daily and weekly schedule that automatically appears on their displays with zero effort on their part.

While the cost for this complete solution is more than those rock-bottom digital signage products, the value is so much greater. Not only do companies save time and resources, but the dynamic, high-impact content ensures that their employees will look at their screens. That’s real value and a big reason why our retention rate is over 90%. Our customers have real problems to solve and issues to communicate. They’ve learned that, like cable TV with no shows, workplace digital signage with no content is a bad deal, even with a cut-rate price.

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Frank Kenna III
May 30, 2018

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