How to Communicate Your Company’s Health Benefits

In my last blog I discussed an article that showed how companies that invest in their employees’ health have stock performance that’s double of those that don’t.

Your digital signage system is the perfect way to communicate those health & wellness initiatives so you, too, can outperform the market. Generally, doing this falls into two categories. First is posting content that actually communicates how to be healthier, and the second is to highlight initiatives that currently exist at your company.

The photo above is an example of the first type. It’s a piece of content published by our company that goes to all of our customers. It makes sense for companies to use this type of prepared content since it’s inexpensive and applies to all employees. In other words, it’s not worth spending your time to create content like this, even assuming you have the personnel with the skills available.

The second category is pretty simple. It involves making a list of the health & wellness initiatives you currently have, and then creating content that reiterates them. Some examples that I see from our customers:

Initiative: Weight loss contest. Content they post: Photos of the participants and % of weight lost.

Initiative: Fitbit Challenge with goal of walking 200k steps in a month. Content they post: Congratulations notice with list of participants and # of steps they walked.

Initiative: Healthy cooking day where employees brought in their favorite healthy dishes. Content they post: Photos of the dishes along with the recipe.

Initiative: Company health fair. Content they post: Notice of what, when and where it will be, along with promotional messaging.

Other examples include posting simple notices about health alerts, for example staying away from dust/particle areas, wearing sunscreen outside, drinking plenty of water, etc.

These simple things are easy to do and the benefits are huge. Not only will you have healthier, happier employees with fewer sick days & turnover, but your stock price may do 100% better than your competitors!

Frank Kenna III
April 13, 2016

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