5 Advantages of Communicating with Employees on their Phones and Tablets

I ended my last blog by listing 5 actions that employees can take when their companies communicate with them on their smartphones and tablets. (I recommend that this is done in conjunction with existing digital signage systems, as not all employees have access to a smart device.) Today I’ll take each action and explain its benefit, which comes from the fact that an individual can interact with the content, instead of just reading it.

1. Saving – There are certain pieces of content that employees want to keep.  For example, maybe one was named employee of the month, or wanted to keep that new product announcement for use on a sales call.  With a mobile device, it’s easy to do that.

2. Sharing – Allowing sharing of content gives it leverage; instead of just the individual seeing it, it can be shared with many people, multiplying its impact.  Or an employee might simply want to share a work or holiday schedule with a family member.  It’s simple and yet powerful, because you get better readership and the employee gets an extra benefit out of the company communication system. This creates better engagement, something most companies strive for.

3. Rating – Some content management systems (CMS) let you allow employees to rate the content. This is important information, because you can find out which content people like and which they don’t, enabling you to constantly improve the information flow.

4. Commenting – By giving employees the ability to comment on the information you post, you’ll be able to find out what they don’t understand, what they want more information about, and you’ll get ideas for what additional info they’d like to see.

5. Reporting – Your CMS software should be able to generate summary reports on your employees’ preferences.  For example, you should be able to see what is the most popular content, or the most forwarded, most saved, highest rated, etc.

When you think about your employees interacting with your messages in the ways listed above, you can start to see how powerful this is compared to just reading them. Knowing what they’re reading and liking most – and least – will give you insights you’ve never had before.

To do these things, you need a good CMS that will allow you to route the content to their devices, preferably at the same time that you’re posting it to your digital signage.

Frank Kenna III
August 26, 2015

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