How Your Communication with Employees Is Like Advertising

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When I look for clues on how to improve communication with employees in the workplace, I look to the world of advertising. When company managers are trying to communicate with employees, they are doing exactly what the big brands are doing: getting a repeated message in front of people, usually with really compelling imagery, in an effort to get them to “buy” something. Whether they’re selling a tube of toothpaste or how to work more efficiently, the process is the same. However, you’re not selling toothpaste, but you are trying to change behavior. So like it or not, you’re in the advertising business!

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As much as the world has changed, this method stands the test of time. This chart from investment banking firm PJ Solomon compares the effectiveness of five different various forms of advertising. Note that the highest rated is “OOH, Digital.” OOH is industry jargon for Out of Home, which means displays that are not residential, for example your digital signage.

I find it remarkable that digital signage beats out TV, desktop and even mobile, proving that it’s a powerful medium for your workplace communications. So that’s why you should use it… it’s the best way of reaching your people and having them remember the information.

How You Can Improve communication with employees

It takes a combination of channels to fully reach and engage your employees; Mobile, Desktop, Print, Digital. Given PJ Solomon’s study, If you haven’t gone digital with your employee messaging, there’s no better time than now to start.  You can find the best solution to start with right here.

Frank Kenna III
May 10, 2018

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