How to Convert 15 Pages of Compliance Info into a 30-Second Video

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All companies have rules & regulations they have to comply with, either from internal controls or from outside regulators, governments and associations. It’s critical that your employees understand these issues, since they’re the ones who put compliance into action. However, these issues can be complex and difficult to communicate effectively.

They don’t always have to be difficult to communicate, though. One great way to keep them interesting is to reduce the issues into interesting bit-size pieces of content that employees can digest easily. At Marlin, we do this by producing 30 second videos, then posting them on TV screens in breakrooms, cafeterias and other well-traveled areas.

Can you do this yourself? Well – yes, if you have the time and resources to spend. Here are some of the steps to making effective pieces of content from compliance information:

  • Identify all of your compliance issues.

  • Gather the compliance materials into a database.

  • Map out a calendar schedule for communication topics.

  • Buy the computers and software you’ll need for video production.

  • Hire a team leader who has experience in video project production management.

  • Schedule daily design meetings to determine how to summarize each issue into component parts.

  • Schedule daily production meetings to figure out who is going to write the copy, create the storyboards, create initial designs, critique partial production pieces, produce final videos and sign off on them.

  • Create another process database for finished videos for tagging, storing and distribution.

  • Schedule a daily scheduling meeting to move the finished videos from the process database to the TV screens.

This all assumes that you have existing TV screens networked together, each screen is controlled by a computer capable of displaying the right videos at the right time, and you have software that’s easy to use for employees who want to add additional content, such as photos, spreadsheets, and KPIs.

If this all sounds very time consuming and expensive, it is. I know, because it’s what we do at Marlin every day, so our customers don’t have to take the time or bear the high expense. They just go to work each day to do their jobs with everything happening automatically in the background.

Start Turning Compliance into Content Today

You can try to do it yourself, but first I suggest checking out a solution where all the work has been done for you. Thousands of companies have chosen Marlin to be their partner for this work and 94% would recommend us to another company. Check us out today.

Frank Kenna III
January 24, 2019

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