Digital Signage the Easy Way

By Frank Kenna

So, you’ve come to the conclusion that your organization could benefit from a digital signage system.  You realize that once up and running, you’ll be able to communicate your corporate objectives clearly, instantly and 24/7, making a big difference in how smoothly your company runs.  All true.  Now all you have to do is get a system that’ll make it possible.  Well, you can do it the hard way or the easy way.

At first, it all seems so simple.  You call the folks in IT and tell them to buy some screens and computers, and get some software that can distribute your message.  But then a week later you get a requisition back from them spec’ing out a requirement list that looks something like this:

Create project plan – 2 weeks.  It will contain the following items. (Note: we’ll need to meet with management to review current priorities and resources to see where this project fits in.)

Spec out displays – 2 weeks.

Spec out media player/computer – Test several units for screen and software compatibility – 4 weeks.

Work with procurement to source – 3 weeks after hardware spec’d.

Spec out content management software – Attend trade show in two weeks where several vendors will be demonstrating. Test 2-3 software choices – 4 weeks after show.

Installation – Decide to do internally or 3rd party.  Call vendors. – 3 weeks upon completion of above items.

Field service – write plan for ongoing support of units. Identify resources for support.

Network connectivity – Contact our cabling company to add Ethernet drops to screen locations.  2-3 weeks from approval date.

Bandwidth – Work with network services dept. to make sure the bandwidth requirements are sufficient.  If not, requisition additional bandwidth resources.  2 weeks if necessary, plus possible budget requirement.

Content creation – Work with HR to identify ongoing resources to produce 5-10 pieces of content each week.  Ongoing.

All of a sudden, you realize you’ve been doing it the hard way.  The real easy way is to find a vendor that has already done all the legwork and gone through the steep learning curve so you don’t have to.  Just like hiring a payroll vendor or an accounting company for tax and audit help, it’s less expensive and much more efficient to hire a resource that does digital signage every day and can get you up and running quickly (while you run your business doing what you do best).

Marlin has thousands of digital signage customers across North America using our products.  They don’t have to think about their workplace communications at all – except when they want to add something to it.  We take care of all the rest, including industry specific workplace content that automatically loads every day.

Interested?  Call us at (800) 344-5901 for more information or an online digital signage demo.

Frank Kenna III
November 5, 2012

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