Why Digital Signage Is Not Good for Employee Communications

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OK, that title is a little misleading. I really mean that using digital signage by itself is not a good thing. Here’s why.

Digital signage is just that; signage. It’s an empty vessel hanging on a wall. It’s worthless until you put content in it, which is the most important – and most difficult – part. And yet, we find that hardware is what most companies buy first in their initial try at digital workplace communications.

Unfortunately, that’s like building a new HQ without hiring an architect. Possible, but the results will be disappointing. The architect provides the crucial “content” needed to run the project. Or deciding you want vending machines in the new cafeteria and just buying the machines. No one does that – we know through experience that the “content” (food, drinks & snacks) are much more important than the machines themselves.

So why do companies go out and buy the actual digital signs when it’s the least important part of communicating? My theory is they just don’t think it through. Or maybe they don’t know that there’s software and content designed specifically for the task. For example, our program is all about the software and content; we don’t care which digital sign hardware you buy. It’s similar to buying computers for your office; the brand is much less important than the software you will be running on it.

Digital workplace communications are a relatively new concept, with most companies still using bulletin boards, whiteboards and email. If you’re looking to install a new digital signage system, think software and content, not hardware.


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Frank Kenna III
August 21, 2019

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