5 Ways to Reduce Hospitality Employee Turnover with Digital Signage

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The hospitality industry is at the top of the list for employee turnover. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the annualized employee turnover rate is estimated at 73.8%. Hotels are open 24 hrs./day. Scheduling is a challenge and can be irregular or inconsistent. The hospitality job market is highly competitive, and the industry has been known for disparity in benefits between labor workers and white collar workers. With the average cost of turnover at $5,864/employee, hospitality employers are looking for ways to attract and retain good employees and keep them engaged.

Many hotels were early adopters at introducing hospitality digital signage to communicate with guests. For years they’ve used electronic message boards to welcome guests, promote restaurants, spa services, conference venues, special events and to help people find their way around the property. It has been a very effective way to market their brand to guests and provide helpful information. But what about the back of the house?

Employee-facing workplace digital signage can be a very effective way to promote culture, improve employee engagement and morale, recognize employees, and keep them informed on company updates, schedules, benefits, etc. The most successful digital signage deployments are those that align their messaging to their key objectives.

Hospitality and Hotel Digital Signage

If your objectives are to recruit and retain great employees and keep them engaged, here are 5 ways that hospitality workplace digital signage can help:

  1. Get started right. There is a 50% chance that entry-level employees will leave their job within the first year. Be sure that they have a positive first impression when they join your workforce. Use the digital signage screens to welcome new employees. Post a picture with their job title. Take it a step further and say something about what they like to do when they are not working. The new employee will feel great and it gives others a chance to say hello and wish them luck.
  2. Make them want to tell their friends. According to Talent Management & HR, 45% of referred employees stay in their jobs on average for two years (as compared to employees who apply directly; one third of whom quit after only 6 months). Launch a referral-based incentive program and let everyone know about it. Use your electronic message boards to announce it, explaining how it will work and what the rewards are. When new employees start, and you post their welcome message, you might even add a footnote that mentions who referred them.
  3. Let them know they are valued. A recent study by The Achievers found that over 65% of employees don’t feel recognized and it cites that as the number one reason why employees quit. Take an inventory of your in-house initiatives. Whether they are for customer service, peer-to-peer recognition, teamwork or health and wellness, does everyone know about them? Use your digital signage screens to re-launch your in-house campaigns. Explain the rules of engagement and how employees will be recognized. Most importantly, share the stories and pictures of the winners. This is a great way to highlight some of the unsung heroes who are behind the scenes in roles such as housekeeping or food service.
  4. Celebrate your culture. Given today’s job market, employees have a choice of hotels, all of which are scrambling for talent. What is it about your culture that makes you special and makes your property a great place to work? What kind of fun events or perks do you offer? Hosting a happy hour that features some new seasonal drinks? Celebrating birthdays or anniversaries, inviting your chef to introduce the staff to new dishes in your restaurants? Use your electronic message boards to announce these events and then post pictures of your employees having fun. (Be sure to post it on your social media sites for prospective employees to see, too.) It’s another way to let your employees know that you care about them and want them to have a positive experience at work.
  5. Invest in their future. Millennials are the most likely group to job hop. Often they move on because they do not see any opportunity for advancement and professional development. Will they learn and grow in the position, or are they just putting in their time? What kind of training does your property offer? Are you introducing new technology that requires training? What about educational assistance or scholarship programs? Use your digital signage to celebrate certifications or academic achievements. Be sure to post job openings to keep everyone in the know about new opportunities.

Tap into the power of hospitality digital signage and visual communication to reach, motivate, engage and retain your employees. Chances are you’re already marketing your brand message to your guests using digital signage located at the front of the house. How about using it in the back of the house for your most important asset — your employees who have a direct impact on the customer experience.

Jude Carter
August 15, 2019

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