Digital Signage in the Workplace: What’s the Most Important Thing?

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Three words: care and feeding. You may think that the hard part is deciding which solution fits your needs or whether to buy or build. Yes, those are big decisions, but the real proof of success is sustainability. Whether you’re considering workplace digital signage for the first time, already have a system in place, or want to improve or expand one, you’ll need to map out a solid care and feeding plan. Here’s how:

Care and Feeding Made Easy

1. What does success look like? Get clear on the business objectives for why your company wants digital signage in the first place. What problem is it solving and how will you measure that? Digital signage is unique in that it often involves many stakeholders such as Corp Comm., HR, IT and Operations, all of whom have different requirements for success. Check in regularly to make sure that you are on track.
2. Content: it’s not a solo act. It takes a LOT of content to create a dynamic program, especially if it’s running 24/7.  Going it alone is neither practical nor sustainable. From the start, form a team consisting of subject matter experts who can regularly supply content that is aligned to the goals of the program. That may mean HR, Safety, Corp Comm., Marketing, Operations, etc.
3. Make a plan and stick to it.  So you’ve identified the team. Now what? Creating an editorial calendar will simplify your life and keep you on track. At a glance, you can tell who is contributing what, and how frequently. From there, you can decide how to fill in the gaps. A steady diet of safety or HR announcements gets old quickly. Balancing that with recognition pieces, inspirational and humorous content will get employees looking at the screens.
4. Add “evergreen” content that updates itself.  Keeping the content up-to-date and relevant will ensure engagement. Consider websites, RSS or purchased feeds for news, weather, local traffic, sports or entertainment. Display your social media feeds so employees can share in the buzz.
5. Save time with scheduling tools. Some content can be created in advance and scheduled to run throughout the week, month or year such as monthly birthday and anniversary lists, lunch menus or work schedules. Are you or your fellow content providers going on vacation soon? No problem. Post your content in advance and schedule it to run while you are away.
6. Manage users efficiently.  It’s not just about the content. It’s about the users, too. Make sure you can easily add, delete and edit users and assign proper permissions. Everyone on the content team needs to be able to post content. In an enterprise set-up you may want all permissions to be controlled at HQ. Alternately, it might be easier for an administrator at the local level to be able to add and delete users.
7. Keep it going and growing. Your network and IT teams are critical stakeholders. They’ll define the initial requirements for what will work best on your network, and how the system needs to scale to meet the demands for future growth. It’s up to them to ensure that the system is reliable and secure which includes managing new software releases, hardware upgrades and installations.
8. Know your vendor and how they can help. Your vendor (or vendor-to-be) is a great source for assistance. They can provide technical support, customer care, ongoing training or professional services for supplemental content creation. Learn about the range of services and costs and how they can help.

These best practices are sure to keep your workplace digital signage alive and well and engaging your employees.

Jude Carter
August 10, 2016

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