How Do-It-Yourself Workplace Digital Signage Is Like a Cat

how diy workplace digital signage is like a catCategory: Digital Signage

By Frank Kenna

Many people get their first pet when presented with the opportunity to get one “free” from a neighbor or at low cost from a local shelter. Many shelters offer adoptions of cats for around $100, which includes shots, spaying/neutering, and microchipping. It seems like a bargain.

But then the costs start to mount. Right away the new owner needs to get a litter box, scratching post, carrying crate, food and of course a couple of toys. According to this website, the first-year costs of owning a cat are about $1,000. Then there are the ongoing annual expenses such as veterinarian care, flea/tick prevention, food, treats, etc., that total $500 to $1,000 depending on which website you look at. Over a 10-year period, that $100 cat ends up costing about $8,000. And if the cat ever needs surgery, add a few thousand more.

The ongoing cost of DIY digital signage

My point is that the initial price has little to do with the ongoing cost. It’s the same thing with workplace digital signage. Many buyers just focus on the initial cost of the digital signage hardware, or even repurpose equipment they have lying around. But that’s a short-sighted strategy as it ignores the cost of necessities like:

  • A content management system (CMS) designed for workplace communications. Having the right one cuts your administrative time investment by up to 90%.
  • A digital signage player (computer) that has the horsepower to run many different types of content simultaneously and the reliability to function 24/7.
  • A source for content that expresses the issues you need to address. If you are planning on creating all the content yourself, that’s an entire cost center in and of itself.

Having to manually do any of these items will add up to big $$$ quickly, either in employee time spent or in outsourcing fees.

You can save a lot of time – and headaches – by buying a workplace digital signage system that does them all for you. Like buying a cat, a small percentage of the total cost of ownership is in the initial outlay. If you’re looking to get workplace digital signage for your business, make sure you’ll be purr-fectly happy with it by considering the points above.

Frank Kenna III
February 13, 2018

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