Driving Employee Engagement by Connecting the Dots.

When I was a kid, I loved dot-to-dot pictures. It seemed like magic to watch a picture appear from a random set of dots. I was reminded of that when I read this IABC blog on the power of connecting employees to your business as a way to improve engagement. It’s easy to get caught up in your own work and not understand how it ties to the big picture.

Workplace digital signage is a great tool for making those connections and helping everyone connect the dots. Here are 4 ways that you can connect your employees to what really matters in your business.

1. How are we doing? Companies everywhere are drowning in data, yet most employees would be hard pressed to say how the company is doing. They may be clear on their own goals or those of their department, but the company as a whole? Not so much.
• Make the data easy to understand and digest by posting simple charts and graphics. Whether it’s sales, production metrics, days without accidents or units shipped, show how you are doing against the goal.
• Consider where your screens are located and who will be viewing them. In a common area such as the cafeteria, keep the message high-level such as monthly sales performance or customer satisfaction scores. For screens on the production floor or in the warehouse, post KPIs that are relevant to workers in those areas.

2. Who are our customers and what are they saying? You can’t have a business without customers. Yet how many of your employees know much of anything about them?  Generate pride and enthusiasm by showcasing your customers on screens throughout your facility
• Create a logo wall each month celebrating new customers.
• Feature individual customers with pictures, quotes and a brief description of their business.
• Display social media feeds sharing what customers are saying about your products.

3. How are we working together?  As we move toward new work models based on collaboration and project teams, communication and connection become even more important. Use your digital signage screens to recognize how your employees are collaborating.
• Announce new project teams, emphasizing their charge and why it’s important.
• Keep it personal by introducing team members.
• Share the results by having the team report their progress in a short video.

4. Who is our competition? Your sales and marketing teams keep close tabs on the competition. They understand how your products and services stack up and how to play up your strengths. But what about everyone else?  Digital signage is a great vehicle for helping all employees understand who you are competing with, how that drives decisions and what makes your company unique.
• Post a “know your competition” series featuring top competitors, recapping their products or services and how yours measure up.
• Highlight new sales that involved beating or unseating a competitor.
• Let your sales people tell the story with a short video clip.

Make it easy for your employees to connect the dots. It’s all about creating context and “revealing” the big picture.

Jude Carter
June 14, 2016

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