Educate All Your Employees to be Brand Ambassadors

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By: Jude Carter

This may seem like a really dumb question, but think about it. We’re not talking about sales or customer service here. Those folks have to know what you do so that they can sell your products or services and keep customers happy.  But what about everyone else?

Maybe you have a standardized orientation for all new hires that does a great job of explaining what you do, who your customers are, why you’re in business and where they fit in. If so, you’re in the minority. More often, people are hired for their ability to perform a specific function. They’re thrown into the position and expected to get up to speed quickly. Soon they’re caught up in the day-to-day, with little time for, (or even awareness of) what is going on around them.

By correcting this, we stand to win in three key ways:

1. Better customer service
You don’t have to have “customer service” in your title to be touching customers. Anyone who has the opportunity to talk to, email or meet customers should have a basic understanding of the company. At each of those touchpoints they are influencing the customers’ view of your brand.

2. Improved employee engagement
When workers understand how their job fits into the company as a whole, they have a greater sense of pride, commitment and understanding of their work. They’re not just “doing a job”. They’re a part of the company.

3. More sales
If we empowered all our workers to find referrals for our products, we’d have a steady stream of leads. That can’t happen unless all of our employees understand what we’re selling and can explain it easily to people they know outside of work.

How are you improving workplace communication to mobilize your employees as brand ambassadors?

Sharon Toelle
July 12, 2010

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