Can Employee Digital Signage Be Hardworking?

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Employee Digital defines hardworking as “industrious, diligent.” Can employee digital signage in the form of a large LCD screen hung on a wall be defined as that? I say the answer is a definite “yes!”

Is Your Employee Digital Signage Hardworking or Lazy?

To figure this out, let’s start at the other extreme, lazy employee digital signage. An example of that would be if you took a TV display, hung it on a wall and connected it to a computer. Turn it on and what do you have? Not much… a Windows desktop. Not very hardworking is it? Actually, pretty dumb.

Two Steps to Get Your Employee Digital Signage considered hardworking

To get your corporate digital signage working you need to add a few things. First is network connectivity so you can reach it from your desk (or home or wherever). Then you need to install software that lets you add content to the display, enhance and schedule it. OK – now you have employee digital signage that is at least working, albeit not that hard.

To get it hardworking, you need to have it do part of your job for you. That’s right – very good employee digital signage will actually save you hours of work each week and month, allowing you to pay more attention to the profit-impacting activities that only you can do.

This happens through the addition of the right kinds of employee communication and content. Let’s say you’re installing employee digital signage because you need to improve your company’s safety communication. After installing the hardware and software you could spend a significant amount of time each week sourcing and designing safety content. Or you could install a employee communication system that automatically displays fresh, daily safety content without you having to do anything. How many hours each week would that save, and how much is that time worth to your company? Now that’s some hardworking employee signage!

And it just so happens that I know where you can find employee digital signage that’s been designed from the ground up to do just that. Before you go too far down the road of installing a system, be sure to check out Marlin’s hardworking workplace digital signage solution.

Frank Kenna III
March 7, 2018

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