Employee safety complaints are on the rise. Protect yourself, protect your employees.

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As the unemployment rate goes down, employers are facing a new challenge: an increase in employee complaints about perceived safety and health issues. In best-case scenarios, employees are taking their concerns to managers and supervisors, but, in many cases, employees are going directly to their union representatives or OSHA.

Travis Vance, partner at the employment law firm Fisher Phillips, reports that his firm is seeing a rise in hazard and whistleblower complaints. During a recent EHSToday webinar, Vance explained that employees are emboldened to complain because they know they’re a valuable commodity; other workers aren’t lining up to take their place and there are plenty of other jobs available.

On the one hand, increased employee advocacy is a great thing for building a strong safety culture. On the other hand, a rise in investigations and inspections can have costly implications for employers.

In this era of increased complaints, here are just two of the many ways that Marlin can help employers mitigate their risk:

1. Encourage proper employee feedback

Why wait until you’ve got a disgruntled, or worse—injured—employee? Use Marlin’s digital signage solution to reach employees across all properties and shifts, remind them that their voice matters, and point them to the right person to share their feedback. Then, easily share any changes resulting from the feedback with all employees, creating a feedback loop that continually strengthens your safety culture.

2. Reinforce proper safety behavior

You’ve got the standard training programs set up, but who’s taking on the daunting task of reinforcing the training on a daily basis? Marlin’s industry-specific content is created by OSHA-certified professionals, and our daily, bite-sized messages reinforce best practices and proper employee behavior for your industry. In fact, in a recent survey, 90% of Marlin customers reported that Marlin covers important workplace issues, and 84% reported that Marlin’s content increases employee awareness of safety issues.

Let Marlin help you get out in front of employee complaints. Protect yourself and your employees by contacting us today.

Carolyn Voelkening
October 25, 2018

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