Employees Help Customers, Then Face Larceny Charges

Sometimes you just have to shake your head. We all want to be at a workplace where we and our fellow employees go the extra mile to make customers happy, right? Well, maybe not.

Check out this story from KGTV in San Diego last week about a bridal chain, Alfred Angelo that suddenly went bankrupt leaving thousands of brides across the country wondering how they were going to get their dresses. Even though the company was not getting paid, several local employees felt they needed to get the dresses delivered and took it upon themselves to do so. One of the brides even let them set up a mini boutique in her house where other brides could come and try on and take the dresses. This is a great example of teamwork and customer service.

But apparently no good deed goes unpunished.  As a local attorney said, “the actions of the employees may constitute theft or grand larceny under state law and could subject them to state criminal prosecution.  Third parties receiving stolen items could also face state criminal charges and prosecution.” He goes on, encouraging the employees and brides “to come clean” and contact the bankruptcy trustee. Both the employees and brides could face charges for what many (including me) regard as doing the right thing.

This is how some workplaces get a bad name. The vast majority of the companies and managers I know would decline to press charges in this type of situation, as I hope Alfred Angelo does. The company has itself to blame, declaring bankruptcy without any notice to the stores or employees. They obviously knew it was coming and could have made arrangements to get the dresses delivered, but chose not to do so. Maybe it’s those kinds of tactics that caused them to go bankrupt in the first place.

If you happen to be one of the brides involved with this and get prosecuted, I suggest wearing your gown to the booking. It’ll make a great wedding photo album addition and you’ll have a story that’s hard to beat. And I predict all charges will be dropped after your picture ends up on the front pages of international news media.

Frank Kenna III
July 25, 2017

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