5 Ways Employers Can Promote Workplace Positivity and Happy Employees

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We’ve all had to deal with them: the negative employee. The employee who points out the problem but doesn’t offer solutions. The employee who thinks it’s always someone else’s fault. The employee who just doesn’t want to be there.

A single negative employee is a problem, but it’s a problem that can be addressed. But what do you do when negativity and bad attitude seeps into a team or starts to define an entire workforce?  How do you, as a manager, face the seemingly monumental task of increasing workplace positivity?

How to Keep Your Employees Happy and Positive


Keep Your Employees Safe

The first and most basic thing you can do is to take a hard look at your workplace safety record, your near-misses, incident and lost time numbers. Has something changed for the worse? Do your employees come to work confident that they’ll go home safe? A strong workplace safety culture is fundamental to creating positive, productive and engaged employees.

Communicate More With Your Staff

Studies show that the more an employer communicates with their employees–especially around safety–the more employees trust them and believe that the employer has their best interest in mind. Remind your employees that you ultimately care about their well-being by reinforcing your commitment to their safety in all your employee-facing communication, including meetings, posters and digital message boards.

Get Your Workforce Involved

It’s easy for employees to complain and be negative if they feel they don’t have control over their own situation. By creating a safety committee where employees are truly empowered to affect change, you’ll create immediate buy-in. Also, consider tapping the subject matter experts on your staff to take a leadership role in committee meetings or safety presentations.

Recognize Employee Accomplishments

A little employee recognition goes a long way toward making employees feel engaged and positive at work. In fact, according to a Gallup poll, employees value public recognition from a direct manager more than they value monetary recognition. Consider a public shout-out of an employee accomplishment at your next toolbox or tailgate talk or add the employee’s photo to your digital signage content rotation.

Acknowledge the Whole Person

All employees–from the contract shift worker to the CEO–are more than the person who shows up at work. They’re fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, friends–people with external commitments, stressors and passions. When you acknowledge the whole person, and not just the worker, you engage your employees on a deeper level, which positively impacts their motivation and makes them more positive, productive employees.

Increase Workplace Positvity Today

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Carolyn Voelkening
April 11, 2019

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