6 Ideas for Having Fun – and Boosting Readership – With Your Digital Signage

Workplace Charisma Photos

I usually talk about the serious aspects of workplace communication, so today I thought I’d have a little fun with the subject.  Because communicating can be fun… for both the administrator (the person posting the content), and the employee who’s reading it.  So let’s take a break from corporate videos, spreadsheets, KPIs and morale issues and take a look at the lighter side. The following are some ideas that we’ve used internally in our digital signage in the last year to attract eyeballs, create buzz and, well, just have fun!

Celebrity look-alikes – Employees were asked to email in their high school photo.  Our HR dept. then matched them up with celebrities who looked like them, and posted to our digital signage (DS).  Not only did the employees like seeing what their colleagues looked like in high school and who they apparently looked like, but the HR department (and friends) had a blast matching them up.

Wedding Photos – Employees were asked to send them in and then the photos were posted. First, without the names so viewers could guess, and then with them.

Super Bowl – HR posted some questions about the upcoming Super Bowl and asked employees to email in their answers.  Small gift certificates were given out to winners.

Ugly Sweater – This one is simple; employees send in photos and they get posted on the DS.  The uglier the better!

Ice Bucket Challenge – We participated in this event and posted a video of all of us getting soaked.  We also posted the video of a neighboring company who originally challenged us.

Halloween Costumes – A lot of our employees dress up on Halloween (see photo) and after lunch we have a “best costume” contest.  Posting the photos later in the week reminds everyone just how much fun we had.

Not only are these ideas fun, but they get lots of people involved with the DS who usually aren’t.  And it draws extra attention to the DS which is a critical ongoing requirement in getting the business-oriented content read.

Have fun!

Frank Kenna III
March 4, 2015

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