4 Ways to Tell Your Company Is a Good Fit for Digital Signage

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Are you a company manager trying to improve employee communications? If so, you’re not alone. I recently ran an internal analysis of our newest 23 customers to see where they’re coming from, and why they bought from us. Check out my findings, and if they sound a lot like you, read on.

4 Ways to Tell Your Company is a Good Fit for Digital Signage

The Buyer

The majority of our recent buyers were from the operations areas, whether it be safety, plant, site, or warehouse. Six were C-level.

Why They Bought

The biggest single reason was to improve employee communications. Most of their employees are hourly/shift workers and are difficult to reach with important messaging. Safety was another big reason. Others included wanting to replace a poor performing communications system, making sure all employees get the same messaging, and sharing KPIs.

What We Brought to the Table

The #1 reason they bought was ease of use. Most companies had a DIY solution that was difficult to use, or one designed for some other purpose. Close at #2 was content. Most managers have a limited amount of resources and time to create pieces to populate their digital signage. By supplying daily content on issues like safety, quality, morale and team building that automatically shows up on their display, it helps take that burden off their shoulders. Coming in at #3 was Spanish content availability.

The Competition

Of the 23 account sales, only two were a true competitive situation against other vendors. The rest of the “competition” was internal. At 12 companies it was inertia, the company had no formal program except email and bulletin & white boards. Five had home-grown systems that apparently were ineffective.

What Separates Marlin

That should give you a good idea of who buys our product and why. If it resonates with you, give us a call for a demo and join the thousands of other companies who have chosen Marlin for their workplace communications solution.

Frank Kenna III
August 23, 2018

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