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In my last blog I listed many things that are replaced by a workplace digital signage system. Now, I will quantify the list to see what the savings add up to, including each item and the employee time it took to use it. Let’s go back in time 20 years and add it up, assuming a single location with 150 employees. Here we go:

Spiral bound presentations

These cost about $10 each to print at Staples. So let’s assume you use them at a quarterly manager’s meeting with 15 attendees. That’s $600, plus an employee’s time to pick them up, say $50/quarter, totaling $800.

Framed photos (Employee of the Month, etc.)

This is a low-cost item, so I’ll just throw in an annual cost of $100 for a couple of wall frames.


The cost with these is all about the person(s) who transfers the video to tape, walk around the building inserting into the VCRs, turning them on/off, etc. I’ll assume two VCRs with a monthly video running the first few days of each month. An employee making $20/hour might spend a few hours administering this process each month for $60/month, or $720 per year.

Days-Since-Last-Accident wall boards

Similar to the VCR, the cost is mostly in the hourly wage of the person updating them. Let’s say there are 3 boards, needing to be updated each day which takes 20 minutes/day. At that $20 per hour, it adds up to $1,733 per year.

Memos to employees

That $20 per hour person also posts the memos on the two bulletin boards, one in the office and one in the main work area. They change twice a week, taking 15 minutes to print and post, for an annual cost of $520.

Greeting cards (“Congrats on your promotion,” etc.)

This is a miscellaneous item, so let’s call it $100.

Emergency signage

These are difficult to find anymore, but you can find emergency speaker systems at $300 each, so figuring three of those for our fictional company, that’s $900 amortized over 5 years, plus $150 annually for inspection & maintenance = $330.

Newspapers placed in breakrooms & lobby

Subscriptions to major newspapers cost about $20 a week, and three seems about right, for a total of $3,000.

Excel spreadsheets taped on a wall

Since the Excel spreadsheets will probably still be used, the cost is in the posting, like the memos, so we’ll use the same cost of $520.

OK, let’s see what we have for total cost:

Spiral bound presentations$800
Framed photos$100
Days-Since-Last-Accident Signs$1733
Memos to employees$520
Greeting cards$100
Emergency signage$900
Newspaper Subscriptions$3,000
Printed excel spreadsheets$502


Wow, that really adds up fast, doesn’t it? It’s hard to see it when the costs are spread all around like this, but when you combine them it, shows how complicated your communication efforts can get.

Hot To Get Started With A Digital Signage System

Do you think you can put in a workplace digital signage system that will do all of that plus much, much more, for much less cost? The answer is a definitive yes. At least at Marlin it is. Click here to find out how you can get started.

Frank Kenna III
July 30, 2018

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