How to Keep Employees Informed During Reorganization

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Last week I was travelling with one of our sales reps in the southern U.S. and we stopped by a customer who uses our workplace digital signage in a few dozen locations. They are in the heavy-industrial category, building large infrastructure-type products for sale around the world.

Our contact told us that they are in the midst of restructuring due to recent growth, splitting off similar operations in to separate groups. While doing so, they have halted all non-essential purchases, and cancelling many others. Getting a little nervous about this, we asked what this means for our products. He responded, “Oh you guys don’t have to worry. I consider Marlin a pillar of our internal communications efforts. They are critical to our operations, especially in times of change like this.”

He went on to say, “I may be cutting a lot of stuff, but I’m not cutting this.”

His comments illustrate the crucial value of workplace communications done right. Employees want to know – need to know – what’s happening within the company if they’re expected to do their part. This customer understands that. He knows that by engaging his thousands of employees, he gets them on the same page with the messaging coming out of HQ. To him, our digital signage is a need-to-have product.

I like to think that our brand of workplace digital signage is particularly suited to helping people like this customer, and it is, but my main point is that communicating to employees on a 24/7 basis is essential however you go about it to keep employees informed. This particularly applies to companies with many locations and those with employees who don’t have access to other information sources like email. And like another customer we met with said, “most of our [non-office] employees do have email, but almost none of them check it regularly.”

Workplace digital signage is like billboards on the highway. Everyone who goes by sees it and if it’s engaging, they’ll read it. It’s an equal-opportunity communications device; every person sees the same messaging whether they’re a V.P. or an intern.

How You Can Keep Employees Informed

What are the pillars of your internal communications? Consider this solution that thousands of Marlin customers use… it’s Workplace Digital Signage that WorksTM.

Frank Kenna III
May 16, 2018

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