Is It Wrong to Love a Digital Signage Product?

By Frank Kenna

In my blog I usually write about industry trends and ideas, but today I’m going to look inward to what our customers have to say about our products.  My main reason for doing so is that I’ve been seeing the word “love” quite a bit lately.

Love?  For a digital signage product?  Now I’m not saying that our customers are wrong for expressing their feelings this way; in fact I agree with them.  It’s just that you don’t hear that word too often, so I thought it’s worth blogging about.

Some of these comments are replies to our regular customer surveys, and some are spontaneous emails in response to new products or features we’ve rolled out.

A sampling:

“I love the fact that I can easily post and remove information at any time from any location within minutes.  The layout is simple and the how-to videos are great help.”

“I love how easy it is to upload items. A lot of the employees are excited too. They love seeing the birthdays and the videos. Can’t wait until all locations are up and running!”

“The content stays fresh and our employees look at the ECS every day to see what is new. I love being able to add our own material.”

“[Our employees] couldn’t stop thanking me enough and asked me to pass their thanks on to you all!  In addition, they loved the ECS system so much they’re already wanting to add clones as soon as they can!!”

“One of my locations uses the ECS. We love that.  It is easy to use and it grabs the employees’ attention.”

“I love how Marlin addresses issues in a variety of [ways]. Some touching subjects are handled delicately and with a sense of humor where appropriate.”

“Our employees enjoy the constant change of scenery. It seems to boost morale. Our employees love seeing themselves and co-workers show up in photos.”

“I love the Marlin-provided content, as it is always of good quality and a great message.”

“Can you add some new headers under Holidays that include other holidays throughout the year?  Thanks! Love your product!”

“I love the ECS concept. It is eye catching, the graphics are great and the ability to customize the screens is an asset.”

And here are some other great comments that don’t mention love, but pretty close!

“View Content Playing is an EXCELLENT feature!!!  Makes it so much easier considering we have 60+ boards.”

“In terms of benefits, we’ve seen a steady decrease in OSHA recordable injury since installing the ECS.  From a high of 27 injuries to a low of 7 last year. The ECS augments our overall safety program by being a constant reminder of our focus for the week/month.”

“Awesome, very informative. GET IT!”

“A top-notch communication platform that allows staff to get vital updates, view quality graphics, and participate in the team management process.”

“Very informative and you don’t have to do anything. It just works. Content is never old or outdated. New content is always available.”

“Good tool for communicating across differed shifts…KPIs, trends & memos.  Excellent & effective Visual Management Tool that gives you all the information needed for any employee – from RSS feed news/weather/company related info/achievements/memos/presentation, etc.”

“We have a plasma screen in our employee dining room and we control what we put on the screen for employees to read and check out.  It’s SUPER easy and affordable.”

“The Marlin System allows us to communicate the same message to all shifts 24/7.”

“We have noticed a great moral boost in our employees.”

“We upload our own information into it. Birthdays, Anniversaries, profit, loss, etc. Excellent communication board.”

Frank Kenna III
June 26, 2013

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