5 Ways to Get More from Your Digital Signage

So you sourced and installed a new digital signage (DS) system and now it’s up and running.  Congratulations!  But I’ll bet there are some things you can do with it that you haven’t thought of.  Let’s take a look at some ideas you can use.

1. Leverage.  You can get more by allowing different people or departments to post to your DS.  Let’s say you’re the operations manager, and that you got the DS for communicating production numbers and other KPIs.  Those communications can actually be enhanced by allowing other departments to post information, because the more varied the content is that’s posted, the better readership you’ll get for all of it.

2. Functionality.  By changing the way you post content, you can make some pretty dramatic changes in the way it works.  For example, you can add a QR code to a work schedule you post that allows readers to scan the code and download the schedule onto their smartphone.  Some DS systems, like ours, have a built in tool* to do this, or if you use some other system, you can make a QR code for free at 3rd-party sites, then copy and paste onto your content prior to posting.

3. Jazz up your photos.  Instead of just uploading a photo of that employee of the month, why not have some fun with it first?  At sites like befunky you can upload a photo, colorize it, add captions or even make a ‘cartoon’ out of it for free.  Uploading the result to your DS will attract extra readership from employees and help create some buzz.

4. Screensavers.  Why not use those idle desktop computer screens for something productive, like showing your DS in screensaver mode?  Again, our system allows this, but even if yours doesn’t, there are 3rd-party add-ons that’ll work assuming your DS system is web-based.

5. Translate.  Do you have employees who speak different languages but you only have English content?  No problem – online translation tools, while not prefect, have gotten much better in recent years, certainly good enough for many routine communications needs.  A good one is Google Translate, which is web-based and free.  Just copy the text from your content, get it translated into the language of your choice, then paste it back into the content and save as a 2nd-language piece.

These ideas just scratch the surface.  With a little brainstorming you’ll be able to come up with other ideas on how to do more with your existing DS.

* U.S. Patent #8,516,527

Frank Kenna III
October 8, 2013

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