The 3 Indispensable People Needed for a Successful Workplace Digital Signage System

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When searching for a digital signage system, you might think that it’s as simple as picking one out, getting it installed, and you’re done. But looking at the bigger picture, you’d be wrong.

For a digital signage system to work, it’s very important to consider the three people involved in its success. Note that each “person” may be an individual or a team, but I’ll assume it’s one person to keep it simple.

Here are the 3 people you’ll need for a successful workplace digital signage system:

1. The Decision Maker

The reason you’re out looking for a system in the first place is because someone, maybe you, has determined that your company needs to do a better job of communicating to your employees. You’re probably not reaching them all with the same messaging, making it difficult to run the company efficiently. Because this person is you or someone you work with closely, you probably understand the motivation to improve communication with employees.

2. The Administrator

This is the person who will be running the system. Our experience with thousands of customers shows us this person could be a safety supervisor, HR manager, VP, CEO, front desk receptionist or anyone, really. Therefore, the system must be really easy to use because of their varied backgrounds. If it’s difficult to use, the admin won’t do it; making this person a possible failure point for the entire project.

Ease of use aside, we find that there are people who love being an admin and some that don’t. Picking an admin who is creative and a can-do type is key to the success of an effective digital signage system.

3. The Employee

This person is the whole point of getting the system and the one you’re trying to communicate to. It’s helpful to think of employees as consumers by using the same techniques to communicate to them that consumer product companies do. This includes having the right message designs, appropriate run-time, and keeping the assortment of content interesting and relevant.

Start With a Successful Workplace Digital Signage System Today

A good digital signage communications system will help you with numbers 2 & 3 because it will have been designed with all these considerations in mind. Because, ultimately, you really do want to buy it, set it, and forget it. But that will only work if you purchase a system specifically designed for workplace communications. Find out how you can get started with workplace digital signage today.

Frank Kenna III
November 19, 2018

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