3 easy photo ideas for your digital signage safety boards

Category: Workplace Safety

You know that visual communication is perfect for grabbing attention and helping with message retention. But did you also know that certain forms of visual communication (e.g., photos and videos) tend to outperform messaging that relies upon text alone? So with that in mind, get your camera ready and check out these three workplace digital signage safety messaging ideas:

1). Proper use of PPE.
If you see an employee whose use of Personal Protective Equipment is spot on, be sure to take a snapshot. Post it with a message that calls out all the PPE applications the employee got right. Do this with as many employees as possible to avoid the appearance of favoritism and to reinforce that proper PPE use is something everyone is doing. Also, keep in mind that proper use of PPE also means knowing when to turn in damaged safety gear. So the next time you see a worker getting ready to toss a pair of holey gloves, foggy safety goggles or a cracked helmet, post a photo of the item to your digital signage. It will remove any ambiguity about what is and isn’t a reason to retire safety gear.

2). Spot the safety issues.
Stage a safety issue—anything from a misplaced tool to a trip hazard. (Note: It’s important that this issue is staged under safe conditions, when there’s no chance of actual injury.) Snap a photo and post it with the following text: Find the safety issue. This technique utilizes gamification, engaging our natural drive to want to win. In this instance, winning means finding the safety issue faster than anyone else. There’s an added benefit to this type of posting. Once workers become accustomed to seeing it on your digital signage, they might start scanning their real work environment for hazards that were once hidden in plain sight.

3). Safety awards and honors.
This one seems like a no-brainer. Nothing makes for a better photo opportunity than an award presentation. But even if you couldn’t be there to secure a photo, all is not lost. Just take a photo of the employee at your convenience and add a short description of why the employee is being recognized. Want to take it a step further?  Add a challenge to other employees to be the next one who is awarded.

No matter what you post, it’s important that workers see that the content on your safety boards is always fresh and engaging. If you’re struggling with this, be sure to look for a digital signage partner that provides safety-related content that can supplement your custom pieces. 

Sean Donnelly
February 19, 2016

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